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NHS Dental Statistics for England, 2022-23, Annual Report

Future Publications

The 2022/23 NHS Dental Statistics publication will be the last of this series published by NHS England. From 23/24 onwards, publication of this data will now be managed by the NHS Business Services Authority (BSA). All future enquiries should be directed to the NHSA BSA.

This webpage will be updated with additional links to future data when they're available.


11 April 2024 13:30 PM

Error in mapping from contractor tag to practice V code

Please note that an error has been identified with some of the mappings from contractor tag to practice V code. This error has occurred due to the truncation of some practice V codes whereby the new 7 character codes which have been issued were truncated to 6 characters.

The NHS BSA have issued a corrected mapping file which allows users to identify the correct practice V code for each contractor tag. This mapping file can be found in the resources section named 'Mapping file (UPDATED) - corrected contractor tag to practice V code mapping' and should be used for any onwards analysis which requires the practice V code.

Please note that we are aware of a difference between these practice V codes and those published by the ODS each quarter. We are currently investigating this discrepancy with the ODS.

All other information is correct. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

27 March 2024 17:30 PM

Error in published data - Population and Local Authority mappings

3 errors have been identified with the NHS Dental Statistics published in August 2023.


1. There was an error regarding the mapping from dental contract to local authority (LA) which meant that some counts of dental activity/patients seen were allocated to the wrong local authority. This has now been rectified for the following files and has been republished:

  • geo_dental_activity.csv (2018/19 – 2022/23)
  • geo_dental_charges.csv (2018/19 – 2022/23)
  • geo_dental_clinical.csv (2018/19 – 2022/23)
  • geo_dental_orthodontic.csv (2018/19 – 2022/23)
  • Patients seen: geo_dental_patients_seen.csv (2018/19 – 2023/24)
  • LA activity and patients seen data in excel: dental_geographical_breakdown_22_23.xlsx (tables 1c, 1f, 2c, 2f, 3c and 3f)


Please note that only the local authority data has changed within these files; the ICB and Region data remains unaffected. A full breakdown of the affected counts and proportions can be found within the Data Quality page linked below.

2. Due to the mapping error described above, the population counts which are used to determine the proportion of the population who have been seen by an NHS dentist was incorrect. This impacts all geographies however the issue has now been rectified for the following files and has been republished:

  • Dental_national_overview_22_23.xlsx (tables 4b and 4d)
  • Population data: Dental_geographical_breakdown_22_23.xlsx (tables 3d, 3e and 3f)
  • geo_dental_patients_seen.csv (2018/19 – 2023/24)

A full breakdown of the affected counts and proportions can be found within the Data Quality page linked below.


3. An 18-64 age band was identified as being incorrectly included in the contract level patients seen file for 2019/20 for the months April, May and June 2019; additional age band breakdowns other than 18+ were only introduced in July 2019. This age band has been removed for the affected months within the dental_patients_seen_2019_20.csv file.


We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

27 October 2023 09:30 AM

Change of publication format

Following a consultation with stakeholders, the format of the NHS Dental Statistics publication has been updated from the 22/23 release. The main differences are:

  • Additional breakdowns of band 2a/b/c sub bands for the 22/23 FY.
  • Additional reporting at contract tag level to align with how dental activity is commissioned
  • Consistent use of 5 year time series to allow comparison of year on year trends
  • Reformatting of tables
  • Consistent use of column headings in CSVs
  • Splitting out of contract/practice level data and aggregate data in CSVs
  • Separation of dental activity statistics and dental workforce statistics

24 August 2023 09:30 AM


This annual report brings together information on NHS dental activity in England for the 12-month period to 31 March 2023 (including clinical treatments, orthodontic activity, patient eligibility and charges, and dental workforce) and information on the number of patients seen by an NHS dentist up to 30 June 2023. Data is also provided for the previous 4 financial years for comparison.

This publication includes information about patients seen and NHS dental activity broken down to dental contract level.

For further information about the data in this publication please see the supporting information in the resources linked below.

To limit COVID-19 transmissions, dental practices were instructed to close and cease all routine dental care from the 25th March 2020, and began to reopen from 8th June 2020. The data reported in the publication including activity, patient numbers, finances and treatments, will be lower than expected during the time period of restrictions. Further information can be found in our 2019/20 Annual publication supplementary report and the data quality statement - see links below.

NOTE: .csv files may not open in applications such as Microsoft Excel due to the number of rows included in the dataset. Users may wish to import the file directly into a database, or alternatively use a text editor to split the file for import/use in applications such as Microsoft Excel.

Key Facts

Adults Seen by an NHS Dentist

18.1m adults were seen by an NHS Dentist in the 24-months up to 30 June 2023

Children Seen by an NHS Dentist

6.4m children were seen by an NHS dentist in the 12 months up to 30 June 2023

Courses of Treatment Delivered

32.5m courses of treatment were delivered in 2022-23. An increase of 23.2 per cent compared to the previous year.


24,151 dentists performed NHS activity during 2022-23, a decrease of 121 on the previous year

Adult Clinical Treatments

33.1 per cent of adult clinical treatments included Scale and Polish in 2022-23.

Children Clinical Treatments

55.6 per cent of clinical treatments for children included Fluoride Varnish Treatment in 2022-23.


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