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National Pregnancy in Diabetes Audit Report 2018



The National Pregnancy in Diabetes Audit (NPID) is a workstream of the National Diabetes Audit (NDA) and is managed by NHS Digital under an agreement with the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) on behalf of NHS England and the Welsh Government. The NDA is delivered by NHS Digital, in partnership with Diabetes UK and the National Cardiovascular Intelligence Network (part of Public Health England).

The audit is a measurement system to support improvement in the quality of care for women with diabetes who are pregnant or planning pregnancy and seeks to address three key questions:

  • Were women with diabetes adequately prepared for pregnancy?
  • Were adverse maternal outcomes during pregnancy minimised?
  • Were adverse fetal/infant outcomes minimised?

NPID is the largest continuous audit of pregnancy in women with diabetes in the world (more than 4,400 pregnancies in 2018). This has allowed a depth of analysis not previously possible, including the development of locally relevant standardised ratios for key outcomes.

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