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[MI] Covid Oximeter Weekly Report

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Clinical Commissioning Groups
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29 Sep 2020 to 14 Jun 2021


COVID Oximetry @home involves the remote monitoring of patients with coronavirus symptoms. Patients use a pulse oximeter, a small monitor clipped to their finger, to measure their oxygen saturation levels three times a day.

They record their results using a smartphone app, web portal or paper diary. The paper-based option is available at all sites for patients who are uncomfortable with or unable to use a digital solution to record their readings. Patients are supported by clinical staff locally, so that if they need further treatment they can be admitted to hospital at the right time.

This MI data includes counts of patients onboarded to and offboarded from the COVID Oximetry @home service, counts of those using a technology-enabled service, counts of positive test results and submission information by Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).


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