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England, Historical data files: 1999-2000 to 2013-14

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Other reports and statistics
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Ambulance Trusts, Care Trusts, Hospital Trusts, Mental Health Trusts, NHS Trusts, Primary Care Trusts, Regions
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01 Apr 1999 to 01 Apr 2014


The Estates Return Information Collection (ERIC) contains information relating to the costs of providing, maintaining, and servicing the NHS estate. It provides essential information relating to its safety, quality, running costs and activity, and also supports work to improve efficiency. Since 2015 NHS Digital has published formal analysis and reporting on its website (see links below); prior to this results were disseminated via the Hospital Estates and Facilities (HEFS) website, which is now closed. This page makes available historical data back to 1999/2000. Files are available at trust and site level, and accompanying data definitions are provided for each year. It is important for data users to familiarise themselves with the data definitions for the year(s) they wish to examine, as these vary considerably; fields with the same title are not necessarily comparable across time.

Please note that all data are as provided by NHS trusts, and accuracy and completeness are entirely the responsibility of the reporting organisations.


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