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Compendium – Mortality from suicide or suicide and injury undetermined

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Consultation 2022

NHS Digital is proposing to stop producing the Compendium Mortality publication. The consultation can be found in the Resource Links section below. We would welcome your views on the proposed changes. Please provide responses by 14 September 2022.

21 July 2022 09:00 AM


To reduce the number of suicides.

For information on the definitions of what these indicators include, please see the relevant specification.

From 2016 onwards, mortality counts within the Compendium Mortality Indicator set are based on a bespoke extract taken from the Primary Care Mortality Database (PCMD) maintained by NHS Digital. PCMD is updated monthly using a file of death records from ONS and is continually subject to amendment.

It is already well established that late registrations have a small impact on counts. This bespoke extract may be taken at a different time to that of the mortality data published by ONS and as such this may cause some small differences between ONS and NHS Digital mortality figures for a given year.

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