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Emergency readmissions to hospital within 30 days of discharge by procedure : indirectly standardised percent trends broken down by sex (I02042)


Percentage of emergency admissions to any hospital in England occurring within 30 days of the last, previous discharge from hospital after a specific procedure indirectly standardised by age, sex and method of admission.

The following procedures are used:

● Primary hip replacement surgery (based on OPCS-4 codes: W37.1, W37.8, W37.9, W38.1, W38.8, W38.9, W39.1, W39.8, W39.9, W93.1, W93.8, W93.9, W94.1, W94.8, W94.9, W95.1, W95.8, W95.9) for all ages broken down by gender: male only, female only and persons

● Hysterectomy (based on OPCS-4 codes: Q07.1, Q07.2, Q07.3, Q07.4, Q07.5, Q07.6, Q07.8, Q07.9, Q08.1 Q08.2, Q08.3, Q08.8, Q08.9) for all ages and females only.

Results for each of these groups are also split by the following geographical and demographic breakdowns:

● Local authority of residence.

● Region.

● Area classification.

● NHS and private providers.

● NHS England regions.

● Deprivation (Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) Quintiles, 2019).

● Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STP) & Integrated Care Boards (ICB) from 2016/17.

● Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) & sub-Integrated Care Boards (sub-ICB).

All datasets are annual trends indirectly standardised against 2013/14 and 3-year pooled trends indirectly standardised against 2013/15.