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[MI] Acute Patient Level Activity and Costing - Data Quality and Analysis of Expanded Pilot, 2017-18

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This report presents results from collaborative work undertaken by NHS Digital and NHS Improvement to continue and expand the collection of pilot data on acute patient-level costing for accident and emergency, admitted patient care and outpatient activity that occurred in 2017-18. It includes analysis of costing data linked to activity reported in HES, demonstrating the richer analysis of costing data that is possible using the linked data.

Key Facts

• 80 providers successfully submitted PLICS data for accident and emergency, admitted patient care or outpatient activity. A variety of provider types were represented, enabling cost and activity data to be captured from a broad range of services.

• Total costs of £22.0 billion were reported in relation to over 57 million care activities (attendances or finished consultant episodes)

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