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ISB 1077: AIDC for Patient Identification

AIDC for Patient Identification defines how to encode NHS approved patient identifiers for identity bands into a two-dimensional barcode.

About this information standard

This information standard supports the accurate, timely and safer identification of NHS patients. As a technology enabling standard, successful implementation will enable all patient and care system processes to be automatically linked to the patient using AIDC techniques, e.g. bed management, phlebotomy, theatres management, medications administration.

The standard uses the GS1 System of Standards for code numbering and barcoding, and ISB 0099 Patient Identifiers for Identity Bands for the required data items.

Current release

Release date 02/04/2012
Release number Amd 3/2012
Release title Minor Amendments to the Specification


Key documents
Supporting documents NHS Data Model and Dictionary Change Request 1264 (Amd 3/2012)
Further documents 

This information standard is related to ISB 0108 AIDC: Automatic Identification and Data Capture and ISB 0099 Patient Identifiers and Identity Bands.


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