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ISB 0099: Patient Identifiers for Identity Bands

A specification for the clear and unambiguous display of patient information on an NHS patient identity band.

About this information standard

This information standard specifies both the four identifiers that must be included on NHS patient identity bands and the format for presenting them, so that identity information is clear and unambiguous to all healthcare staff. A well-designed identity band, based on this standard, reduces the risk of mis-identification, helping to ensure a patient is not given the wrong care and treatment.

Current release

Release date 26/03/2009
Release number DSCN 04/2009
Release title Initial Standard
Stage  Maintenance
Key documents Data set change notice (DSCN 04/2009)

Further information

This information standard is related to ISB 0149 NHS Number, ISB 0108 AIDC: Automatic Identification and Data Capture and ISB 1077 AIDC for Patient Identification.


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