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Information standards and data collections (including extractions)

The national governance arrangements for information standards, data collections and data extractions are the responsibility of the Data Alliance Partnership Board.

Governance structure

The Data Alliance Partnership Board, chaired by NHSX, has responsibility for the assurance and approval of information standards, data collections and data extractions  (collectively known as ISCE or standards) across all health services and adult social care.

Scrutiny of the assurance has been formally delegated to a Data Alliance Partnership Sub Board, chaired by NHSX.

The assurance is undertaken by a dedicated team within NHS Digital (the Data Standards Assurance Service - DSAS).

A new process is being considered but in the meantime please direct any requests for information about assurance to DSAS -

The DAPB welcomes all suggestions for new, or changes to existing, standards. Contact us to find out more.


The Data Alliance Partnership Board is committed to ensuring the quality of standards, to ensure effective implementation, full realisation of benefits and minimal disruption for staff, patients and care users. Assurance Certificates are issued to confirm that a standard has been through assessment and is demonstrated to meet the DAPB quality assurance criteria. Assurance is undertaken in line with an agreed methodology.

Current standards

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