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The National Workforce Reporting Service (NWRS) support

Support for GP practices and primary care networks using the the National Workforce Reporting Service (NWRS). 

Access to NWRS

Access to NWRS is now available through the Strategic Data Collection Service (SDCS). 


How-to videos

We've provided the following short 'How-to' films to help you complete the NWRS.

How to sign in

How to add a member of staff in a Primary Care Network (PCN)

How to add a member of staff in a GP Practice

How to add a locum who works occasionally at your practice

How to understand error messages

How to delete a staff record

Changes to NWRS

New system launched (July 2021). 

How you add or edit your staff records
  • The new portal  has a refreshed GMC look up so you can search GP’s by name and auto-populate their details from the GMC register.
  • We have moved the capture of NMC (PIN) number for nurses. It’s now only visible when you select the staff member is a nurse.
  • There are two new questions about extended hours and extended access.
  • The way you mark someone as a leaver has changed. You will need to change the answer to ‘are they still working here?’ from yes to no. This will bring up 3 questions about when they left, their reason for leaving and what they did next.
  • You will now have the ability to delete duplicate records or those which were created in error. 
How you know what you’ve entered is valid
  • You will see a meaningful error message to help you know what you have entered is valid.
  • A more frequently updated dashboard showing how to complete your records.  
Name changes
  • For practices, infrequent locums are now referred to as locums. You will need to select this option for locum doctors working only occasional hours.
  • For Primary Care Networks (PCNs), PCN pooled roles are now referred to as PCN contracted services. Select this option for people working in your organisation who are not on your payroll, but instead are contracted by a provider such as a hospital or local authority.
How you use the system
  • You will see confirmation when you make a change.
  • You can use the new sort or filter features to select if you want to see active staff, inactive staff or both.
  • There is now a useful help button which provides support and some short 30 - 60 second how to films.
  • The navigation is easier to use. 
  • The new NWRS is accessible, following recent changes to accessibility legislation. 

What is no longer available

You may notice that the number of records has changed. This is because

  • We have removed registrar’s  we now collect this via the Trainee Information System instead.
  • We have removed the leavers.
  • We have removed the locums who haven’t worked for you in the last 12 months.
  • Absences (including sickness absence).
  • Qualifications, registered and special interests.
  • Training number
  • Practice workforce planning questions  

What’s coming soon

The following features will be coming soon

  • the ability to transfer a staff record to another practice or PCN
  • vacancies
  • new ARRS (Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme) roles

How to contact us

If you require additional support, you can contact us by emailing [email protected] quoting “NWRS” in the subject line of your email.

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