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COVID-19 cyber security support

The Data Security Centre provides a range of specific, targeted, and relevant cyber security services that have been developed in partnership with industry-leading partners. This has enabled to us to increase our level of support to NHS organisations during the coronavirus pandemic.

We've worked closely with NHSX and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to provide a range of support products and services to NHS organisations.   

As well as our usual range of services such as on-site assessments and technical remediation, we've developed new focussed support offerings, detailed below. This list is not exhaustive and further services may become available in the future. 

Focussed on-site support

We've also developed a range of focussed on-site support that is currently available to priority NHS organisations. We are also supporting organisations most likely to be providing a critical role in the coronavirus response, including the NHS Nightingale host organisations. 

We will be engaging directly with a small number of organisations in the first instance to work through these offers and initiate early discussions with the relevant parties.

Find out more about these services by expanding the options below: 

Vulnerability remediation

We will provide direct support to fix immediately any major cyber security flaws that significantly increase the impacts of cyber-attacks. 

Backup support

We aim to provide direct on-site support to ensure robust backups. The work is centrally funded so there is no charge for local organisations who are identified as a priority.  

Incident response

As well as our usual cyber incident response support provided through the cyber security operations centre (CSOC) we have also made available some capacity to provide immediate on-site support.  This will help local organisations to quickly remediate cyber or IT failure incidents (even where they are relatively small scale), so any operational impact is minimised.    

NHS Secure Boundary

A centrally funded solution which protects the NHS from the most sophisticated cyber threats.

Find out how we can help you secure your organisation

External Vulnerability Monitoring and Cyber Security Ratings Service (VMS and Bitsight)

We are launching two new cyber risk and vulnerability management services, centrally funded and immediately available to NHS Trusts.

More information can be found our service pages for VMS and BitSight.

Our cyber security services

Our usual threat hunting and intelligence services provided through the cyber security operations centre (CSOC) continue but we have also increased the capability and maturity of the centrally provided protective measures including greater monitoring capability. 

We are also still operating all of our other services which you can access via the normal route.

Awareness and guidance

We have developed new pieces of guidance and support on remote working, which is packaged up in an easy to use format.  We have also created a cyber fit campaign for you to use to send to staff within your organisations which encourages good cyber hygiene. This is alongside our regular campaign Keep IT Confidential campaign.

Protective DNS (PDNS)

PDNS is a recursive resolver, which means it finds answers to DNS queries.  PDNS is a free and reliable internet accessible DNS service for the public sector and is one of the NCSC’s widely deployed active cyber defence capabilities.

It's been mandated by the Cabinet Office for use by central government departments and is now available to the NHS. 

To take up this offer, please signup directly through the PDNS Customer Portal or via the Active Cyber Defence Hub (see here for other protective services).

Further information 

For further information on any of these offerings or to discuss any other cyber security concerns you might have, please contact [email protected]

Find out more about how we are supporting the NHS and social care during coronavirus.

Last edited: 15 May 2020 4:49 pm