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Cyber Associates Network

NHS Digital and NHS England have established a network of cyber security expertise across public-sector health and care. Find out more about the network.

About the Cyber Associates Network

The Cyber Associates Network (CAN) is available to NHS and social care organisations.

CAN members benefit from enhanced knowledge-sharing, professional development and networking with peers in health and care.

Members also have the chance to influence national cyber security across the system by supporting NHS Digital’s Data Security Centre (DSC) and NHS England in developing new products, services, policies and strategies.

CAN helps the health and care community to
  • become more resilient to cyber security threats
  • embrace technological change
  • maintain patient safety

Members can

  • get direct and relevant support to test, review and deploy cyber-related products and services
  • build relationships
  • better understand local priorities around data security

Benefits of joining the network

The Cyber Associates Network is aimed at professionals with responsibility for or an interest in cyber security, including board members, IT leads, security professionals and cyber tech experts. Membership is free and offers a range of benefits, which include:

What we need from you

Membership benefits outweigh your level of commitment, but we do expect members to:

  • commit to sharing good practice and lessons-learned across the network, both regionally and nationally
  • support the development of cyber security across the system by acting as our critical friend, through testing, offering ideas and providing relevant feedback
  • encourage advocacy, and build a robust network of the right contacts, ready to work collaboratively in any future cyber security crisis
  • encourage personal development and formal qualifications to build a highly-skilled cyber workforce

New members

If you have other colleagues who may be interested in joining the Cyber Associates Network, send the following details to [email protected]:

  • name
  • organisation and full postal address
  • job title
  • contact number
  • where you heard about the CAN

Contact details

Contact us by emailing [email protected], or by calling 0300 303 5678.

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