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GE Healthcare MDHexRay Vulnerabilities

Default password vulnerabilities in GE's imaging products
Report a cyber attack: call 0300 303 5222 or email


Two credential reuse vulnerabilities called MDHexRay have been detected in twenty four separate product families in GE Healthcare's imaging business. These could be exploited to obtain patient identifiable information.

Affected platforms

The following platforms are known to be affected:

MDHexRay affects more than 20 product families across GE Healthcare's advanced visualisation, CT, interventional, mammography, MRI, PET, ultrasound, and x-ray modalities.

Threat details


GE Healthcare has released details of two vulnerabilities, collectively named MDHexRay, affecting a wide range of their imaging and ultrasound products. They claim that an attacker on the same local network could exploit these vulnerabilities to obtain sensitive information, including patient data, or execute command on affected systems.

Vulnerability details

Both vulnerabilities are the result of default credential reuse in GE Healthcare's proprietary Unix-based operating system installed on the affected products.

The default credentials are used to remotely administer and maintain GE Healthcare products, and were freely available through GE Healthcare's customer portal. Any user with prior access to these would be able to log in to an affected products and alter system settings or expose data in transit

Remediation advice

GE Healthcare have confirmed they are contacting customers to change the default credentials used on their estates. Affected organisations are encouraged to log in to their GE Healthcare Product Security Portal accounts to ensure these are changed immediately.

Affected organisations are also encouraged to restrict and monitor the following ports:

  • FTP (port 21)
  • SSH (port 22)
  • Telnet (port 23)
  • REXEC (port 512)

Indicators of compromise

Affected products list

Modality Product
Advanced Visualization AW 4.0 to AW 4.6
Advanced Visualization AWS 2.0 to AW 3.0
Computed Tomography BrightSpeed Edge
Computed Tomography BrightSpeed Edge Select
Computed Tomography BrightSpeed Elite
Computed Tomography BrightSpeed Elite Select
Computed Tomography Brivo CT385
Computed Tomography Discovery CT590RT
Computed Tomography Discovery CT750HD
Computed Tomography Frontier
Computed Tomography Frontier ES
Computed Tomography LightSpeed Pro16
Computed Tomography LightSpeed RT16
Computed Tomography LightSpeed VCT
Computed Tomography Optima Advance
Computed Tomography Optima CT520
Computed Tomography Optima CT540
Computed Tomography Optima CT580
Computed Tomography Optima CT580RT
Computed Tomography Optima CT580W
Computed Tomography Optima CT660
Computed Tomography Optima CT670
Computed Tomography Optima CT680 Quantum
Computed Tomography Optima Expert & Professional
Computed Tomography Revolution ACT
Computed Tomography Revolution ACTs
Computed Tomography Revolution CT
Computed Tomography Revolution EVO
Computed Tomography Revolution HD
Interventional Innova 2000
Interventional Innova 2100-IQ
Interventional Innova 212-IQ
Interventional Innova 3100
Interventional Innova 3100-IQ
Interventional Innova 313-IQ
Interventional Innova 4100
Interventional Innova 4100-IQ
Interventional Innova IGS 5x0
Interventional Innova IGS 6x0
Interventional Innova IGS 7x0
Interventional Optima 3100
Interventional Optima 320
Interventional Optima CL320
Interventional Optima CL320i
Interventional Optima CL323i
Interventional Optima IGS 320
Interventional Optima IGS 330
Magnetic Resonance Brivo MR355 SV20.1 (1.5T)
Magnetic Resonance Brivo MR355 SV23.0 (1.5T)
Magnetic Resonance Optima MR360 SV20.1 (1.5T)
Magnetic Resonance Optima MR360 SV23 (1.5T)
Magnetic Resonance Signa Hdi HD16 (1.5T)
Magnetic Resonance Signa Hdi HD23 (1.5T)
Magnetic Resonance Signa HDx HD16 (1.5T & 3.0T)
Magnetic Resonance Signa HDx HD23 (1.5T & 3.0T)
Magnetic Resonance Signa HDxt HD16 (3.0T)
Magnetic Resonance Signa HDxt HD23 (3.0T)
Magnetic Resonance Signa VIBRANT HD16 (1.5T)
Magnetic Resonance Signa VIBRANT HD23 (1.5T)
Mammography Seno 200D
Mammography Seno DS
Mammography Seno Essential
Mammography Senographe Pristina
Nuclear Medicine, PET/CT Brivo NM 615
Nuclear Medicine, PET/CT Discovery IQ
Nuclear Medicine, PET/CT Discovery MI MI DR
Nuclear Medicine, PET/CT Discovery NM 630
Nuclear Medicine, PET/CT Discovery NM 750b
Nuclear Medicine, PET/CT Discovery NM D530c
Nuclear Medicine, PET/CT Discovery NM/CT 670
Nuclear Medicine, PET/CT Discovery NM/CT 860
Nuclear Medicine, PET/CT Discovery NM/CT 870
Nuclear Medicine, PET/CT Discovery NM/CT D570c
Nuclear Medicine, PET/CT Discovery NM/CT850
Nuclear Medicine, PET/CT Discovery NM830
Nuclear Medicine, PET/CT Infinia
Nuclear Medicine, PET/CT Optima NM/CT 640
Nuclear Medicine, PET/CT PET Discovery IQ
Nuclear Medicine, PET/CT PET Discovery IQ upgrade
Nuclear Medicine, PET/CT PETrace 800
Nuclear Medicine, PET/CT Ventri
Nuclear Medicine, PET/CT Xeleris
Ultrasound, Cardiovascular EchoPAC (Turnkey) BT06
Ultrasound, Cardiovascular Image Vault (Turnkey) 4.3
Ultrasound, Cardiovascular Vivid 7 BT02 to BT06
Ultrasound, Cardiovascular Vivid I BT06
Ultrasound, General Imaging LOGIQ 5 BT03
Ultrasound, General Imaging LOGIQ 7 BT03
Ultrasound, General Imaging LOGIQ 7 BT04
Ultrasound, General Imaging LOGIQ 7 BT06
Ultrasound, General Imaging LOGIQ 9 BT02 to BT04
Ultrasound, General Imaging LOGIQ 9 BT06
Ultrasound, Women’s Health Voluson 730 BT05
Ultrasound, Women’s Health Voluson 730 BT08
X-Ray Brivo XR118
X-Ray Brivo XR383
X-Ray Brivo XR515
X-Ray Brivo XR575
X-Ray Definium 5000
X-Ray Definium 6000
X-Ray Definium 8000
X-Ray Definium AMX 700
X-Ray Discovery XR650
X-Ray Discovery XR656
X-Ray Discovery XR656+
X-Ray Optima XR200amx
X-Ray Optima XR220amx
X-Ray Optima XR640
X-Ray Optima XR646
X-Ray Precision 500D
X-Ray Precision WDR1

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