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COVID-19 vaccination record queries

Find out how COVID-19 vaccinations are recorded, how long it takes, common errors or difficulties and how to get help. This guidance is available for all vaccination centres.

Cohort 6 search now available

General practices can now easily identify patients in vaccination cohort 6, using a new search available in your clinical system.

How COVID-19 vaccinations are recorded

1. When a patient is vaccinated, a record is made in a clinical system at the point of care:

  • at a GP practice, primary care network (PCN), or community pharmacy, the point of care system is predominantly Outcomes4Health (Pinnacle) but could also be provided by a number of other system suppliers
  • at a vaccination centre, the point of care system is either Outcomes4Health (Pinnacle) or the National Immunisation Vaccination System (NIVS) app
  • hospitals use the NIVS or the National Immunisation Management System (NIMS) app to record when they have vaccinated staff members or patients

2. This data then comes either directly to the GP system or via the Data Processing Service (DPS):

  • for practices using TPP, data from Outcomes4Health (Pinnacle) is added automatically to the patient’s GP record via direct integration - data from all other point of care systems including the NIVS or NIMS app (except from the TPP SystmOne Hub solution) will come via the DPS 
  • for practices using EMIS, data from all point of care systems is currently sent via the DPS
  • for practices using Vision, data from all point of care systems is sent via the DPS

3. Once the vaccination record has been added to the patient's medical records, it will appear in the vaccinations section of the Summary Care Record.

Data also flows between systems for reporting and management of the vaccine programme, including to the Summary Care Record application and from the DPS to the NIMS, ensuring every vaccination event is properly recorded.

Anonymised data relating to adverse reactions to vaccinations, recorded within the first 15 minutes following vaccination, also flows from the DPS to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

How long it takes

Vaccination records should appear in the patient's medical records in GP systems within 48 hours of the entry into the point of care system.

Reasons for missing records

Reasons for missing records (more than 48 hours after the vaccination event) include:

  • the record was made on paper and has not yet been entered into Outcomes4Health (Pinnacle) or another point of care system
  • the data has not been fully completed at the vaccination site due to a final save not being completed - if the site is your own site and you are using Pinnacle, you can check for incomplete records using the incomplete records report in the admin screen, and if not, you should ask the site where the event occurred to do this check
  • mandatory fields were missing or not populated correctly in the point of care system
  • the NHS number entered could not be verified – for example, if it doesn’t match up to demographic details provided – the record will be sent to National Back Office (NBO) for verification, and this can take up to another 7 days

You can contact the vaccination site to seek clarification and find out the reason for the record not being processed.

If a missing first record of the dose prevents booking the appointment for the second dose, please contact the vaccination site to check that the record was entered successfully. It is also possible to manually book the vaccination for the patient. The vaccination site will be able to correctly record the second dose.

Correcting mistakes

If you see incorrect information on the vaccine record, such as the wrong batch code or SNOMED code, correct it in the point of care system being used by the vaccination site to ensure the correction flows through the data collection process. 

If you see an inaccurate vaccine record, (such as, the patient was not vaccinated but you can see a record of their vaccination), the record needs to be cancelled at the vaccination site in the point of care system being used. The vaccination site is also advised to check their booking system to make sure the correct record is entered in place of the incorrect one, so that there is no confusion of NHS numbers on entry.

If the record cannot be easily corrected, the incorrect record will prevent the patient from booking a vaccine appointment. In this case it is advised to manually book the patient for the vaccine. The vaccination site will be able to enter the record as a duplicate first or second dose.

All corrections will be applied to NIMS records.

How and when corrections appear in the patient's GP record will depend on the clinical system.

For TPP practices/ PCNs, using Outcomes4Health (Pinnacle), corrections will automatically be sent from Outcomes4Health (Pinnacle) and other point of care systems in around 30 minutes. Once received, the GP practice should manually process these corrections.

EMIS and Vision do not currently receive automatic corrections.

Help with vaccine payments

For queries about vaccine payments, get more information on the Future NHS collaboration platform (you will need to register if you don't have a Future NHS account).

Additional support

FutureNHS provides up-to-date guidance on escalating issues. If you need additional support, please contact your System Vaccination Operations Centre (SVOC) in the first instance. If you are unsure which SVOC to contact, please ask your site lead or find your SVOC.

You may need to request access to FutureNHS.

Other common queries


I can see a second vaccination event but not the first in my clinical system

This might be caused by some staff updating the record for the first vaccination event when the second dose is given rather than entering a new record. The first and second dose need separate vaccination records.

My patient has arrived for their first dose and their record says they have already received a vaccination

It is possible that the vaccination was recorded against the wrong NHS number.

You can check and amend this if the event was recorded at your own setting.

If it was recorded somewhere else, you should contact the point of care (hospital, GP, pharmacy or vaccination centre) that recorded the vaccination event and get them to check and amend the record. You should also log the issue with our helpdesk.


I can see duplicate records in Pinnacle

Some duplicates are caused by staff entering vaccination events more than once, if the system is running slowly.

Encourage staff to only press Save once on a vaccination event, and remove duplicates if you see them.

What about patients who receive the first vaccination in hospital and the second in a centre?

If someone comes to a vaccination centre for their second vaccination, but there is not a record in Pinnacle showing the first vaccination, Pinnacle will check against the National Immunisation Management Service (NIMS).

If a patient has already had one vaccination in hospital, there will be a record of the first vaccination event. Pinnacle will return this information to the member of staff, but it will not store it.

Only one vaccination event will be shown in NIVS and the other in Pinnacle, but NIMS and the GP record will have records of both (48 hours after the second appointment).

The support helpdesk

For further queries, medical staff can contact the Vaccination Service Desk on 0300 200 1000. (This service is for medical staff use only).

Find out what information we need

When you get in touch with us, make sure you include the relevant information so that we can investigate your query quickly.

A vaccination record in the point of care system is not visible in the GP system after 48 hours


  • NHS number
  • date of vaccination
There is a big difference between the number of vaccination records in the point of care system and in the GP system


  • the practice ODS code
  • the number of records in the point of care system
  • the number of records in the GP system
  • the time period your query relates to (ending at least 48 hours ago)
A vaccination record in the point of care system is different to the one in the GP system


  • NHS number
  • date of vaccination
  • which field or fields are different, and what they say in the different systems

Training on recording vaccination events

Training materials  for Pinnacle are available at Home Page - Outcomes4Health                               

Training materials for Eva Health's eVacc are available at Training - Eva Health Technologies

Future integration with alternative point of care systems

We're working with clinical system suppliers so that vaccination centres have a greater choice of clinical systems to record vaccinations and send the information on to the DPS.

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