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Pairing integration

'Pairing integration' is the process that allows any supplier to integrate their system with any principal clinical system through an interface mechanism.

The four principal clinical system suppliers on the GPSoC framework are TPP SystmOne, EMIS Web, InPS Vision and Microtest Evolution.

Each must provide an 'interface mechanism' for use by 3rd party systems to support integration between the principal system and specialist applications, such as for document management or appointments.

Interface mechanisms enable separate systems to: 

  • read patient information
  • extract information in bulk
  • and enter data into the other system.

The interface mechanisms which Principal Clinical system suppliers provide under GPSoC must comply with the icon Authority Requirements. [535.85KB] .

Any supplier can apply to 'pair' their service with any principal clinical system.


To icon access the GPSoC Pairing Integration Process [394.38KB] , suppliers must first complete a icon PIQ entry form [2.51MB] . Suppliers must complete the GPSoC assurance process for each pairing.

PIQ stages
The five stages of pairing integration and documentation related to each stage

Latest status

The icon GPSoC Pairing Integration Supplier List [205KB] shows suppliers that have received approval to enter the pairing integration process, as at 26 January 2017. 

The suppliers listed in the table below have been awarded the mid-way milestone, Permission to Engage (PTE), and are moving through the process towards the final milestone, Full Roll-out Approval (FRA). The following pairings should be completed in the coming months:

Apollo MedicalMicroestApollo MedicalAwaiting PIA CapacityNone*Expected October 2018

Service or productProvided byPairing withUnder LotDate awarded PTEDate awarded FRAStatus
DocManPCTITPP130 April 2015To be confirmedOngoing
My RightCare v3My RightCareEMISNone*18 August 201523 November 2015Live
My RightCare v3My RightCareTPPNone*18 August 201519 August 2016Live
eRA (eRefferal) ToolkitBlack Pear SoftwareTPP219 August 201514 July 2016 Live
MedibooksTotal Billing SolutionsTPPNone*26 August 20153 February 2016Live
Audit+ (Pen Test Fix)InformaticaEMIS9 September 201531 August 2017Live
SQL SuiteApollo MedicalEMIS5 October 201527 May 2016Live
FrontdeskInformaticaEMIS213 June 201630 August 2017Live
SQL SuiteApollo MedicalTPP211 November 20156 October 2016Live
SQL SuiteMicrotest212 February 201610May 2017Live
Enlighten E4Jayex Technology LimitedTPPNone*12 November 201527 July 2016Live
i-PatientPAERSEMIS113 November 20154 August 2016Live
myGP (Patient Care Messaging)iPlatoEMIS113 November 2015TBCIn testing
Personal Health RecordPatients Know BestTPPNone*16 May 2017TBCAwaiting PIA Capacity
Clinical SupportMSDEMIS12 February 2016Expected January 2018In testing
Clinical SupportMSDTPP212 February 2016Expected January 2017Awaiting PIA Capacity
RIVAMTargett Business TechnologiesTPPNone*16 May 2017Expected October 2018Awaiting PIA Capacity
RIVAMTargett Business TechnologiesEMISNone*08 February 
myGP (Patient Care Messaging)iPlatoTPP125 February 2016To be confirmedIn testing
i-PatientPAERSTPP125 February 2016March 2017Live
UllmanWiggly AmpsTPP25 February 2016March 2017Live
SQL SuiteApollo MedicalVision210 March 2016Expected February 2017In testing
FrontdeskInformaticaEMIS18 June 2015Expected March 2017In testing
UllmanWiggly AmpsEMIS125 February 2016Expected May 2017On hold
i-PatientPAERSVision19 September 2016Expected July 2017In testing
Data Access ServiceEast London Discovery ProjectEMISNone*13 October 20163 January 2017Live
DIMECDIMEC AppEMISNone*24 October 2016Expected February 2017In testing

* These services aren't available under the GPSoC Frameworks, so a separate contracting mechanism must be used.

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