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Our management team

Our executive team is a group of our most senior staff, who take responsibility for specific areas of our work.

Our clinical leadership team members are all experienced front line health and care staff who make sure we always get the best outcomes for patients and health and care workers.

High level organisation chart

For a detailed interactive version of our high level organisation chart, see our organisation structure.

Our directors

Our directors are the most senior staff in the organisation.

Managing directors
Executive directors
Associate directors
  • Richard Ashcroft
  • Sonia Bewley
  • Eveline Brunton
  • Patrick Clark
  • Robert Cleary
  • Garry Coleman
  • Martin Dennys
  • Alex Elias
  • Tim Gentry
  • Paul Gilliatt
  • Simon Gray
  • Richard Lawes
  • Robert McMillan
  • Andrew Meyer
  • Catherine O'Keeffe
  • Hazel Randall
  • Chris Roebuck
  • Malcolm Senior
  • Marc Silverside
  • Tom Slater
  • Pete Thomas
  • Alison Ward
  • Martin Warden 
  • Shaun Fletcher (sabbatical)
  • Laurence Burgess (non-permanent)
  • Kevin Willis (non-permanent)
  • Alex Chaplin (on interim promotion)
  • Gaynor Dalton (on interim promotion)
  • Richard Irvine (on interim promotion)
  • Tim Magor (on interim promotion)
  • Phil Nixon (on interim promotion)
  • Chris Parsons (on interim promotion)
  • Sam Robinson (on interim promotion)
  • Lee Rucker (on interim promotion)
  • Richard Steele (on interim promotion)
  • Mike Walker

Our clinical directors

Executive directors (clinical)
  • Prof. Jonathan Benger (non-permanent)
Directors (clinical)
  • Dr Shera Chok
Associate directors (clinical)
  • Dr Arjun Dhillon
  • Dr Greg Edwards
  • Dr Manpreet Pujara
  • Dr Alagu Rajkumar
  • Jo Dickson (from 1 June 2021)

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