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Our management team

The NHS Digital board is our most senior decision-making body, accountable to the public, Parliament and the Secretary of State for Health.

Our clinical leadership team members are all experienced front line health and care staff who make sure we always get the best outcomes for patients and health and care workers.

Our executive team is a group of our most senior staff, who take responsibility for specific areas of our work.

High level organisation chart

This chart shows our high level organisation. For a more detailed interactive version, see our organisation structure.

Top level organisation structure chart. SVG format readable by many screen readers. A fully interactive accessible version is linked in preceding paragraph.

Our directors

Our directors are the most senior staff in the organisation.

Managing director

Executive directors

Associate directors

Associate directors

  • Richard Ashcroft

  • Sonia Bewley

  • Patrick Clark

  • Robert Cleary

  • Garry Coleman

  • Martin Dennys

  • Matt Edgar

  • Alex Elias

  • Shaun Fletcher

  • Michael Flintoft

  • Paul Gilliatt

  • Simon Gray

  • Richard Lawes

  • Catherine Nicholson

  • Catherine O'Keeffe

  • Hazel Randall

  • Chris Roebuck

  • Dermot Ryan

  • Malcolm Senior

  • Jackie Shears

  • Marc Silverside

  • Louise Sinclair

  • Tom Slater

  • Joshua Symons

  • Pete Thomas

  • Alison Ward

  • Martin Warden

  • Alex Chaplin (interim)

  • Chris Fleming (interim)

  • Tim Magor (interim)

  • Lee Rucker (interim)

  • Mark Reynolds (interim)

  • Caron Swinscoe (interim)

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