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Creating a new NHS England: NHS England and NHS Digital merged on 1 February 2023. More about the merger.

Our management team

Important information

NHS Digital merged with NHS England on 1 February. Some or all of the information on this page may now be out of date.

Our executive team is a group of our most senior staff, who take responsibility for specific areas of our work.

Our clinical leadership team members are all experienced front line health and care staff who make sure we always get the best outcomes for patients and health and care workers.

High level organisation chart

High level organisation chart identifying senior management for each NHS Digital directorate

For an interactive version of our high level organisation chart, see our organisation structure.

Our directors

Our directors are the most senior staff in the organisation.

Managing directors
Executive directors
  • Matt Bacon
  • Michael Chapman
  • Nic Fox
  • James Hawkins
  • Ian Lowry
  • Phil Nixon
  • Julie Pinder
  • Tomas Sanchez Lopez
  • Mark Sayers 
  • Steven Knight (contractor)
  • Mark Logsdon (contractor)
  • Jem Rashbass (contractor)
  • Adrian Stanbury (contractor)
  • Julian Thomas (contractor)
  • James Austin (fixed-term contract)
Associate directors
  • Richard Ashcroft
  • Sonia Bewley
  • Dani Breitinger-Blatt
  • Eveline Brunton
  • Patrick Clark
  • Richard Clay
  • Robert Cleary
  • Garry Coleman
  • Sam Cramond
  • Susie Day
  • Martin Dennys
  • Lucy Elliss-Brookes
  • Tim Gentry
  • Ben Gildersleve 
  • Fintan Grant
  • Rachel Habergham
  • Alfie Harvey
  • Rachel Hope
  • Richard Lawes
  • Tim Magor 
  • Robert McMillan
  • Jon Moore
  • Chris Parsons
  • Hazel Randall
  • Samantha Robinson
  • Chris Roebuck
  • Lee Rucker 
  • Melissa Ruscoe
  • Tom Slater
  • Clive Star
  • Sarah Stevens
  • Pete Thomas
  • Alison Ward
  • Louise Whitworth
  • Mandy Williams
  • Dan Wintercross
  • Laurence Burgess (fixed-term contract)
  • Natalie Brewer (contractor)
  • Nick Hopkinson (contractor)
  • Richard Irvine (interim promotion)

Our clinical directors

Executive directors (clinical)
  • Shera Chok 
  • Jonathan Benger (on secondment)
Associate directors (clinical)
  • Dr Arjun Dhillon
  • Dr Greg Edwards
  • Dr Manpreet Pujara
  • Dr Alagu Rajkumar
  • Jo Dickson 

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