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Opt out of data sharing

As a patient, you have have choices about how your data is used.

Your health data

Your GP holds your health record, and it is used by them and other parts of the NHS for your direct care.

NHS Digital also uses some of this data for research, planning, and improving the NHS for everyone.

Some of your health data will be shared with NHS Digital and other NHS bodies in order to ensure your care, such as being referred to hospital or getting a prescription. It may also be used to deal with emergencies such as coronavirus.

You cannot opt-out of your data being used in this way.

Sharing with third parties

The NHS shares some data, in which nobody can identify you, with trusted third parties, in order to improve the NHS for you and everyone else.

This includes with:

  • NHS planners
  • university researchers
  • scientists researching medicines

We only share data when there is a proven benefit to the NHS, and access is strictly controlled.

You data won't be shared with
  • Your data is not shared for commercial purposes
  • Your data is not shared with insurers
  • Your data is not sold

 As a patient, you can choose not to have your data shared with these third parties.

The online process works when you are doing it for yourself, and you are over 13 years old.

To opt out on behalf of your family, or you would prefer to submit on paper yourself, you will need to complete and return a form.

Paper forms

Stopping all sharing

You can also choose for your data not to be sent from your GP practice for any purpose apart from your direct care.

You will need to write to your GP practice to request this.

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