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Manage site details

Site managers are responsible for making sure site details, such as accessibility features, transport links and other attributes are listed correctly.

When you are setting up your vaccination site, you need to enter the relevant site attributes so that people who are booking vaccination appointments can choose a site that meets their accessibility needs and transport requirements.

The information you add here will be made available through the National Booking Service (NBS).

To view a site in Q-Flow, you must ensure that you are in the correct site profile.

Go to the left ribbon User > Work Profile, select your site from the drop-down list and click update.

Check the name of your vaccination centre

Next you must refresh your browser.  

refresh button highlighted

Go back to User view and check that your ‘Current Unit’ displays the site that you require and you can proceed with set up.

current unit screen

View the information about your vaccination site

Go to Administration > Organisation > Organisation Tree and click the name of the site on the left.

This will open the unit screen for your vaccination site.  

unit address screen

Here you can check the name of your vaccination site in the Name field and the address of the vaccination site in the Address field. This is how your site name and address will appear on the public-facing booking website.

Any changes to site name or address should be requested with regional contacts.

The ODS code of the vaccination site is in the External Reference field. You can check the ODS code for your centre in the ODS portal using your site postcode.

Manage site attributes

1. Select DesignContent > Content Management.

Screenshot of content management selection.

This opens the Content Management screen.

Set age-based attributes

1. To edit an age attribute (Allow5to11, Allow12to15,  Allow16to17, AllowOver18) click on the edit button (directly to the left of the drop down, highlighted in red above) and a drop-down will appear in the Value field.

Edit Allow5to17 flag

2. A pop-up will appear when you change the value from False to True Select Agree if the correct process has been followed or Disagree to back out of the change

You must ensure that the correct assurance and approvals are in place to vaccinate the age cohort before setting the value to TRUE. The age cohort will be able to book into your site if you have added appointment availability for this age group when the value is TRUE.

Notified commissioner pop up

3. A pop-up will also appear if you change the value from TRUE to FALSE. Select Agree if you want to proceed and Disagree to back out of the change.

Setting the value to FALSE prevents the age cohort from booking into your site.

notified commissioner age atttribute

4. You will see a red sun logo appear next to the Save button in the top right-hand corner, to show you have made changes.

Save button in top right corner

5. Click Save. A green tick will appear indicating that the attribute is now offered by your site.

Set transport and accessibility attributes

1. You need to check the list of other attributes for your vaccination site and set them to True in Q-Flow if they will be available at your site.

2. To edit an Attribute, click on the edit button and a drop-down will appear in the Value field


Screenshot showing edit attributes button selected

3. Select True from the drop-down to set the Attribute to True. You will see a red sun logo appear next to the Save button in the top right-hand corner, to show you have made changes.

Screenshot of car parking attribute set to true and sunshine next to Save logo.

4. Click Save. A green tick will appear indicating that the attribute is now offered by your site.

5. Repeat this for all the other transport and accessibility attributes that you need to change for your site.

Check latitude and longitude

You need to check the latitude and longitude for your site, as this will be used to tell people booking appointments how far the site is from their address.

1. You can use the following websites to find the latitude and longitude coordinates for your site's postcode (other websites are available if you have a preference):

2. If these need to be changed  update the coordinates in the latitude and or longitude value field. 

Screenshot of edited latitude and longitude fields

3. Click Save at the top right to save your changes.

Turn your site online and publish appointment availability

screenshot of publish appointment availability screen


To turn your site online, change the Online attribute from False to True (note that this may take up to six hours to go live initially). This publishes the appointment availability you have created and allows members of the public to book appointments at your site. 

Last edited: 24 January 2024 3:44 pm