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Transfer of Care resource library

Information and resources for Transfer of Care implementers.
Area of interest Resource Description
NHS Standard Contract NHS England’s NHS Standard Contract Contractual requirements for Transfer of Care correspondence
NHS Standard Contract Guidance on NHS Standard Contract for discharges and clinic letters Guidance backs immediate secondary care usage when GP Practice systems are ready to receive FHIR messages
Clinical Layer Clinical content standards Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB)
Terminology Layer SNOMED CT Structured clinical vocabulary
Technology / Representation Layer Industry bulletin, Issue 5 – July 2017 Adoption of FHIR based messaging and deprecation of CDA
Technology / Representation Layer Transfer of Care Payload APIs The live status payload specifications for all 4 use cases
Technology / Representation Layer Inpatient (acute) discharge Graphics for the inpatient discharge bundle build
Technology / Representation Layer Emergency care discharge Graphics for the emergency care discharge bundle build
Technology / Representation Layer Mental health discharge Graphics for the mental health discharge bundle build
Technology / Representation Layer Outpatient letter Graphics for the outpatient letter bundle build
Technology / Representation Layer INTEROpen CareConnect FHIR profiles NHS specific FHIR profiles
Transport Layer MESH Message Exchange for Social Care and Health (MESH)
Transport Layer MESH API MESH Server API
ITK3 Layer Message distribution and response code specifications The live status ITK3 message distribution and response code specifications
ITK3 Layer Acknowledgement pattern for ITK3 messages ITK3 response patterns
ITK3 Layer Code definitions and what to expect back Application-level responses supported by GP Foundation IT systems
Maturity of APIs Importance of FHIR API publication labels All Transfer of Care payloads and ITK3 specifications are “live” and can be used where recipient GP Practice foundation supplier has achieved Full Rollout Approval and enabled this functionality
Assurance Guidance on minimum data set Details the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for organisations struggling to fully populate the FHIR message
Assurance The ITK3 Test Harness Information on NHS Digital’s online Test Harness
Assurance Sample ITK3 messages for Transfer of Care Test messages that can be used as a template for development and use with the test harness
Assurance Alternative validator to the Test Harness Pre-Test Harness validator. To use, select Bundle from the drop down in the “Validate” box and select XML, then using the “browse” link select and open a file and click the VALIDATE button. Note this tool does not guarantee conformance but allows easier/faster testing and debugging
Assurance Path to Live Environments Options for accessing the Test Harness
Conformance Certificate catalogue ITK3 FHIR document usage Download the spreadsheet, open it, enable editing and filter “Service Type” catalogue on “ITK3 FHIR document using MESH”

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