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SNOMED CT implementation in mental health

This page explains the value of adopting SNOMED CT in mental health and provides guidance on how to implement it.

Mental health systems and provider organisations must adopt SNOMED CT by April 2020. Requirements and implementation guidance is provided in the guidance documents within the Information Standards Notice (ISN).

Data submitted to Mental Health Services Data Set (MHSDS) has been possible in SNOMED CT since 2016; and is to be provided in SNOMED CT by, at the latest, 1 April 2020.

Publications and forums

A range of resources for SNOMED CT implementation in mental health are available on our Delen Website. They include live webinars (providing an overview of SNOMED CT) as well as training materials, guidance and a forum where members can contribute to discussions.

Why mental health should migrate to SNOMED CT

The use of SNOMED CT for clinical terms in patient records will enable clinical data to be exchanged in an accurate, meaningful way; consistently across all care settings. Its use is mandated by the Department of Health and Social Care, and SNOMED CT is one of the key interoperability standards now required to be implemented. This will allow better patient care and improve how clinical data can be analysed and reported on.

Adoption of SNOMED CT has already illustrated a number of benefits to trusts; both in the cost and time to submit data to national datasets and improvements to services and patient care. Cases studies are available that illustrate the different uses and benefits that can be achieved.

SNOMED CT is an international clinical terminology. It will allow the UK to take part in more effective research and analysis of health information, to support national and global health care improvements.

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