Breast screening


The National Health Application and Infrastructure Services (NHAIS) Breast Screening System is used to select women on local NHAIS systems who are eligible for breast screening.

If you're looking for more information on breast cancer screening visit the NHS Choices website.

Women are identified as eligible for screening using their registration details which are held on the NHAIS system, and their details gathered into batch lists.

These lists are sent, either electronically or as a printed list, to the relevant screening office who invite the women for screening.

The NHAIS Breast Screening System allows you to:

  • manage the call/recall process for eligible women
  • print invitation letters
  • record a woman's attendance at a screening clinic

The system also contains functions for reporting and statistical analysis.

Note: the NHAIS Breast Screening System is only used in Northern Ireland and Wales. Women in England are called for screening using the web-based Breast Screening Select (BSS) application.

Download the Breast Screening User Reference Manual

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