Systems and Service Delivery


Systems and Service Delivery (SSD) provide a range of key national software products and associated services.

Top tasks

Access Open Exeter and its applications
The NHAIS system contains a wealth of secure information used by a range of bodies and professionals within the NHS. Open Exeter gives health authorities the power to grant access to this information to authorised NHS users.

Cancer Waiting Times
The National Cancer Waiting Times (NCWT) system allows primary care services to record data used to monitor cancer waiting time targets.

Our products and services
We support a wide range of IT products and services across the health system.

What we do

Our work helps NHS Digital play its part in providing better health and social care where it's needed most. Our customers, including Public Health England and the wider NHS, rely on our know-how.

SSD contains several teams, each with a specific function. These teams work together to create complete solutions:

  • Development use industry standard tools and practices to create high quality applications - the development process includes analysis, design, coding and testing
  • Product Assurance test the software against strict criteria - rigorous testing ensures the software meets the users' needs and produces consistent results
  • Hosting and Infrastructure provide secure application environments - this includes the physical hardware and associated software
  • Service Delivery Management provide a layer of support for each application - this includes a contact centre, support and training

The Organisation Data Service and NHS Pathways complete the SSD teams.

Contact details

Contact the Exeter helpdesk by emailing or by calling 0300 303 4034

Further information

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    NHAIS downloads

    NHAIS user reference manuals, available to download as a PDF.

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    Contact us

    Please note; we can't provide clinical/medical advice to members of the public. Please contact a GP, phone the NHS on 111 or visit Our customer service centre deals with all general questions about NHS Digital. If you have a question, complaint or Freedom of Information request you can contact us in a number of ways.

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    Systems and services

    Our information, data, and IT systems help health professionals, commissioners, analysts and managers give the best outcomes for patients.