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Your community pharmacy's SCR viewing figures

We publish a spreadsheet every week, detailing SCR access in community pharmacy.

Get the figures for your pharmacy

You can use the figures in this spreadsheet to monitor how often your staff are using summary care records.

Spreadsheet of SCR viewing figures for community pharmacy

The viewing figures run from Monday to Sunday each week.

The spreadsheet was updated on 28 July 2021, and shows data up to 25 July 2021.

Data visualisation tool

You can also use our data visualisation tool to see pharmacy viewing figures.

To use the tool:

  • access the data
  • enter your pharmacy name or ODS (F) code into the search box
  • select from the list, or scroll through the pharmacy list to select
  • view totals in the box for the latest week available
  • hover over the graph to see earlier weeks' totals
  • scroll to page 2 using the arrows
  • enter your pharmacy name or ODS(F) code as before to view the calculator total

This calculator is updated on a weekly basis.

You can also view an archive of older summary care record views, made before 1 April 2019, and view our archived page Prove SCR access for the Pharmacy Quality Scheme 2019/20.

Action if you think your pharmacy's SCR access is not showing on the reports

If the SCR access you expected to see recorded against your pharmacy is not shown in the reports you should consider:

  1. Did the user simply do a name and address check, or did they actually go on to view the patient SCR (where previously prescribed medication is held)? There is a difference between the Patient Identifier screen (PDS) and a patient’s SCR screen. PDS views are not recorded as a SCR view.
  2. Consider when the view was made. The reports on this page can be up to a week in arrears. So, if the access is made outside of the date range currently published, they will not appear.
  3. When a user logs on to SCR they need to choose the correct ODS code of the pharmacy they are working at for the view to be recorded at the correct pharmacy. Often new users or locums do not know the correct ODS code and enter the wrong code.  It is the responsibility of the user to ensure the correct pharmacy is attributed for any SCR access.  Check your ODS codes

Your Summary Care Records Governance Person can check in the Alert Viewer that a SCR access has been recorded at your pharmacy. 

To check that the recording of views is working you can access SCR with the following Test Patient numbers, then confirm with your SGP that the  view can be found in the Alert viewer. If it is confirmed then you will know that the view that you were previously trying to find on the reports has not been omitted in error, so is likely to not appear for one of the reasons above.

Test Patient Numbers

999 040 2132
999 025 2955

Last edited: 28 July 2021 3:30 pm