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Calculate SCR use for community pharmacy quality payments

Find out about and download the community pharmacy Summary Care Records (SCR) usage calculator for quality payments reporting.

Because of its benefits, the use of Summary Care Records was taken into account for funding awards for community pharmacies during 2017-18,  as part of the Quality Payment Scheme. It was announced in March 2018 that the scheme was to be continued into 2018-19 as part of interim arrangements for funding for this financial year. Similar to the 2017-18 Quality Points funding arrangements, eligibility was assessed against quality criteria and points awarded for each one fulfilled.

The Summary Care Record quality criterion

The quality payment for SCR use could be claimed at a review point in June 2018. The declaration window closed on 13 July 2018.  A pharmacy could claim 10 points if they could demonstrate an increase in use of SCR by comparing access figures from two different time periods. They could also claim if they could demonstrate that they had used SCR more than 100 times in both periods, even if there was no increase in use between the two periods.

Review point: 29 June 2018

Pharmacies had to show they had used SCR on at least one more separate occasion during period 2, Monday 4 December 2017 to Sunday 1 July 2018, than during period 1, Monday 1 May 2017 to Sunday 26 November 2017.

Where a pharmacy had used SCR 100 times or more in both period 1 and period 2, they did not need to demonstrate an increase in access. This recognised pharmacies who were consistently accessing the SCR to support patient care.

SCR in community pharmacy usage monitoring 2018-19 and 2019-20

As the window to submit quality payment reporting has now closed, we are no longer including a calculator element to our tools. If you are a pharmacy contractor, you can still use our tools to check your pharmacy's SCR viewing figures. 

Regular format tool

This spreadsheet contains SCR viewing figures for community pharmacy

It was updated on 27 June 2019, and shows data up to 23 June 2019.

New format tool

To use the new format tool:

  • access the data
  • enter your pharmacy name or ODS (F) code into the search box
  • select from the list, or scroll through the pharmacy list to select
  • view totals in the box for the latest week available
  • hover over the graph to see earlier weeks' totals
  • scroll to page 2 using the arrows
  • enter your pharmacy name or ODS(F) code as before to view the calculator total

This calculator has been updated to show data up to 23 June 2019.

SCR in community pharmacy usage calculators 2017-18 and 2018-19

During 2017-18, and 2018-19, NHS Digital published an SCR calculator tool for pharmacy contractors to use to check SCR viewing figures. This could be used to check how each pharmacy was doing at each review point and to complete quality payments returns. NHS England accepted an increase from period 1 to period 2 shown in these calculators as evidence of meeting this quality criterion when the contractor filled in the NHS Business Services Authority online declaration. You can view these for reference.


Final SCR usage calculator for review point 1 2018/19


Final SCR usage calculator for review point 1 2017/18

Final SCR usage calculator for review point 2 2017/18

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