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Summary Care Record application (SCRa) private beta

SCRa is a free NHS service which provides a way for health and care professionals to access a patient’s medical information at the point of care.

The use of mobile devices to access this information is being tested by limited groups of health and care professionals in a variety of settings ('private beta').

What is SCRa private beta

Health and care professionals have previously only been able to access the Summary Care Record application (SCRa) using a desktop computer, smartcard authentication and a Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) connection.

The SCRa private beta allows health and care professionals to access a patient's demographic information, their Summary Care Record (SCR) and a number of other services using mobile or desktop devices connected to the internet using WiFi or mobile data.  NHS Care Identity Service 2 (NHS CIS2) is now being used to authenticate users, the products and services require NHS Credential Management to authenticate in secure modern browsers.

Patient records held on different health care systems

In addition to the information a health and care professional can access using a patient's SCR, the SCRa private beta will offer some users the opportunity to view a patient's mental health crisis plans, if relevant, using the National Record Locator (NRL).

Future enhancements

Future enhancements will include the ability for health and care professionals to access a patient's information relating to:

It will also provide the ability to edit patient details and access the birth notification application.

The SCRa private beta currently offers the opportunity for users to access patient information using iPads. Future developments will allow other types of devices, both mobile and desktop to be used across multiple operating systems.  

Current SCRa desktop users will benefit from:

  • improved look and feel 
  • increased functionality, for example access to a patient's mental health crisis plan
  • access without smartcard - ability to authenticate using NHS CIS2

Private beta pilot

The SCRa private beta is being piloted by:

  • London Ambulance Service
  • Weldricks (chain of community pharmacies)

Future pilots are planned to take place within dentistry and a small number of residential care homes. 

The London Ambulance Service pilot

The London Ambulance pilot started with Camden Ambulance Station. As part of an extended pilot, all frontline London Ambulance clinicians will be able to access the SCRa private beta using iPads.

Initial feedback has been extremely positive. Staff have articulated the benefits of being able to provide better and more informed care by having the ability to view patient details when needed.

The pilot is providing project teams with ongoing feedback to further develop the product.

Contact details

Please email your enquiries to: and reference the SCRa private beta.

Further information

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