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SDCS Cloud news

Latest news about the Strategic Data Collection Service in the Cloud (SDCS Cloud).

June 2019

Update on MSDSv2 submission deadline for April 2019 data

26 June 2019

Further to extending the April 2019 submission deadline from Sunday 30 June 2019 to Friday 5 July 2019, we are now extending the deadline to Friday 12 July 2019.

Extension to Mental Health Services data submission window

20 June 2019 

SDCS Cloud users have provided feedback on the challenges of making their first submissions for MHSDSv4 and the lack of immediate support from NHS Digital teams in helping address them. As a result, we have extended the Mental Health Services data set (MHSDS) submission deadline from Thursday 20 June to Thursday 4 July.

We know many users have made successful submissions, although in some cases they plan to make further enhanced submissions before the deadline. If users have not attempted a submission yet, we encourage them to do so as soon as possible, so we can help with any issues they may have.

For technical queries, please contact the National Service Desk on: 0300 303 5035 or:

May 2019

SDCS go-live

SDCS Cloud went live on Friday 3 May 2019.

Last edited: 2 July 2019 11:17 am