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Open access test environment for Spine, Opentest

If you are developing healthcare applications, you can test them by connecting them to our Spine test environment, Opentest. It contains clinical and demographic test data, and gives you access to a real Spine 2 core instance and all spine-based national NHS services, including:

  • Personal Demographics Service (PDS)
  • Personal Spine Information Service (PSIS)
  • Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)
  • Access Control Service (ACS) and message forwarding
  • Child Protection - Information Sharing (CP-IS)
  • Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit (ITK) services
  • Care Identity Service authentication
  • Messaging tools

Access Opentest

Opentest is accessed through a VPN. You don't need to have an N3 connection or a working system to get access. For access to this environment, please email the NHS Digital Solutions Assurance Service Desk with your contact details, brief information about the type of development you're interested in, and any specific requirements.

Uses for Opentest

You can use Opentest to:

  • develop your applications to work with Spine
  • work with other developers or companies on integrated solutions - network access is available
  • demonstrate products to potential customers
  • run procurement competitions between vendors
  • hold a 'virtual' hack-day event where programmers collaborate intensively on software projects.

Technical information for suppliers and NHS IT professionals

Detailed technical information can be found on our Opentest github site.

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