Clinical Safety Team


The clinical safety team provides a clinical safety assurance service across the whole of NHS Digital's work

Introduction to the Clinical Safety team

The Clinical Safety team promote and ensure that effective clinical risk management is carried out by organisations that are responsible for deploying, developing and modifying health IT systems.

The Clinical Safety team are a multi-disciplinary team made up of Safety Engineers and Clinical Safety Officers. The team are based across our Leeds, London and Exeter offices.

The team are experts in areas relating to the assurance of Health IT in scope of the two Clinical Safety standards: DCB0129 and DCB0160.

What the Clinical Safety team do

The Clinical Safety team provides a clinical safety assurance service, across the whole of NHS Digital's programmes, and to the wider health and social care service in England. We ensure that the health IT used by care professionals is safe and that organisations have met requirements stated in the two Clinical Safety standards. These standards are mandatory under the Health and Social Care act 2012. Ultimately, this helps health and care staff to provide better, safer patient care.

The Clinical Safety team is responsible for:

  • managing and overseeing the assurance of safety related health IT software, ensuring suppliers and other organisations meet the required safety standards
  • ensuring that all safety related risks associated with a health IT system are actively managed and that appropriate mitigations are applied
  • helping customers engage with the Clinical Safety Group (CSG) and the provision of Clinical Authority to Release (CATR) certificates where the system requires one
  • managing live safety incidents
  • provision of Clinical Risk Management training to suppliers and organisations to reinforce safety culture and adherence to the Clinical Safety standards

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Further information

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    Clinical risk management standards

    Information standards underpin national healthcare initiatives from the Department of Health, NHS England, the Care Quality Commission and other national health organisations.

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    Clinical Risk Management training

    Clinical Risk Management Training is designed to provide NHS organisations and manufacturers of Health IT products with training in the principles of safety, risk management and risk mitigation.

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    Clinical Safety documentation

    This page contains the documentation that supports Clinical Risk Management. They underpin the scope and requirement of the Clinical Safety team.