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Digital Social Care Pathfinders Programme 2019-21

The Pathfinder opportunity was aimed at local authorities responsible for providing social care and not-for-profit care providers, such as care homes and domiciliary care

Funding was provided to areas who have already piloted digital solutions successfully in small local areas. The aim was to implement them on a larger scale and to produce a range of products that will support wider sector adoption at a reasonable cost.

Twenty-six organisations were funded originally to undertake a development phase and in November 2019, 16 of these organisations received further funding to proceed to implementation which was to complete by March 2021.

The Pathfinder themes have many things in common, such as:

  • standard information sent from social care about a person into a healthcare setting at admission
  • viewing of a standardised set of social care information by healthcare providers
  • viewing of a standardised set of core health information by social care
  • location finder – healthcare providers identifying a person’s responsible local authority
  • alerts to notify social care where a person is in the health system
  • single referral and discharge from hospital
  • use of data for prevention via the use of advanced predictive analytics
  • use of artificial intelligence, assistive or remote technology

Pathfinders funded for development and implementation

Delayed transfers of care and reduced admissions

Projects in this theme were focused on improving information sharing between health and social care systems to create a standard, effective discharge process with the overall aim of reducing delayed transfers of care and rates of hospital admission.

Digital pathways and standards between health and care providers

Projects in this theme focused on sharing information across the health and social care system to support discharge process and efficient access to care, and for direct care.

Care provider interoperability and standards

Projects within this theme focused on improving the communication and movement of data across health and social care systems, as well as contributing to the development of 3 PRSB national standards relating to the exchange of information between health and social care.

Escalation prevention using data modelling and artificial intelligence

Projects within this theme focused on modelling collated health and social care data to support decision making on interventions and service provision within health and social care systems. The aim, ultimately, was to improve efficiency and overall citizen well-being.

Technology for care

The projects within this theme focused on the roll-out and increased uptake of technology for care within care homes.

Contact us

Although the programme is complete, if your care organisation is interested in standardising information and developing digital ways of sharing that information between organisations, you can still contact the Social Care Programme to find out more about our programmes of work and how to get involved. 

Email: [email protected]

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