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Service Management

We manage and protect live service for all of our major IT systems. There are over 70 systems that cover all areas of health and social care.

Top tasks

Live service status statistics (Transition Network / HSCN connection needed)
View the live service status of NHS Digital national services across area teams in England. This includes current status, reports, open incidents, recently close incidents and national problem record trackers. 
Deployment issue resolution (Transition Network / HSCN connection needed)
National coverage, 24/7, 365 days a year, for a broad range of technical, assurance, development and architectural matters that need specialist skills or support.
Trackers, release activity and performance reports (Transition Network / HSCN connection needed) 
Visit problem management trackers for national suppliers, weekly release and maintenance activity updates, plus summary and detailed reports of national service performance. 

Current service availability statistics
Check the latest monthly average percentages for how often NHS Digital services are available. These statistics are usually updated near the end of the following month. 

Service availability statistics archive

Our records of monthly average percentages for NHS Digital service availability go back to 2005, on the National Archives website.

Please note, the archive is a snapshot in time. The 2016 data there only includes to up to July 2016.

What service management covers

The national systems covered by service status statistics (N3 connection needed) includes the national N3 network, Spine Core, Care Identity Service, Secondary Uses Service, NHS e-Referral Service, Hospital Episode Statistics, Clinical Indicators, a number of systems that support trusts, plus GP and prescription dispensing systems.

These systems are vital for all areas of health and social care. They are critical for health treatment. We make sure that they are available when clinicians, patients and social care users need them.

Contact us

Contact us for Service Management Office requests and approach us when you:

  • would like an IT system being developed or changed to be managed in live operation
  • need strategic advice on live management of existing IT systems and services
  • would like to share best practice
  • would like assistance with Freedom of Information (FOI) enquiries

Further information

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