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Implementation guide for GP practice managers and administration staff

NHS Digital, commissioned by NHSX, are developing a new NHS Cervical Screening Management System to replace the current call/recall system. 



The new NHS Cervical Screening Management System will deliver like for like functionality. It has been designed to have an improved user interface and it will be simpler and easier to use.

Unlike the current IT system which uses 84 databases or 'NHAIS boxes', the new system will link to the NHS Spine, allowing it to synchronise with one single database, and the NHS Personal Demographics Service (PDS).

The new improved navigation system allows staff to track a screening participant’s screening history more easily.

The expected benefits

  • time spent by staff navigating the system will be significantly reduced
  • a single source of data will be used, namely the NHS Personal Demographics Service (PDS). This change will improve the accuracy of current addresses, therefore reducing potential delays to the delivery of screening correspondence

Main changes impacting GP practice managers and admin staff

The main changes for practice managers and admin staff will be system access and IT pre requisites.

The NHS Cervical Screening Management System will change the way you access the screening system. It will be via smartcard with the appropriate roles. Your PCs will also need to be upgraded with additional software so you can access the new system.

If you are involved in the call and recall process, previously known as the Prior Notification List or PNL, the new system will change the way this list is received by the GP surgery and will also change how you will need to action it to ensure participants are called efficiently and safely.

IT prerequisites

Access to the new cervical screening system will be through a modern web browser and smartcard, replacing the need to use Open Exeter.

Implementing the NHS Cervical Screening Management System

Training, communications and engagement

To be ready for the new system in October there are actions you need to complete and important information you will need to be aware of.

We are developing a range of training resources which will be available for staff through a range of webinars and user guides.  We will also be hosting events and sharing regular bulletins to provide updates about the implementation of the new system. 

You will need to nominate a member of staff to sign up and receive updates.

Reasons to sign up
  • be the first to hear the latest news about the new NHS Cervical Screening Management System
  • keep on top of delivery dates to help your organisation plan for the switchover in October 2021
  • stay on top of guidance and training being made available from July to prepare your staff for the new system
  • get access to support with implementation and business change activities
  • contribute to the development of the new system by attending our show and tells

Business processes and continuity plans

With the implementation of the NHS Cervical Screening Management System you will need to review your existing cervical screening practice protocols and business processes. 

Areas to consider are

  • Smartcard policy
  • new starter induction process
  • leavers process

Transition and cutover planning

All partner organisations will need to follow the transition or cutover plan and have their own plan in place to deal with the proposed five day pause to the cervical screening system.

Information governance

There are significant data protections changes when the old system changes to the new NHS Cervical Screening Management System. The new system is a single national system with access control based on NHS Smartcards, roles and workgroups and, whilst the organisations whose staff use the system remain data controllers for their patient information, NHS Digital is also a data controller for specific and limited aspects of provision of the service.

Pre and post go live activities

Ensure all relevant staff are informed of the go live date and all pre go live activities. 

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