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Event Review: 25 November 2020 Using health and social care datasets in research – opportunities, assets and examples

On 25 November 2020 NHS Digital was pleased to be part of a collaborative event for 250 researchers providing data insights and advice.

Hosted by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Research Design Service, the event also contained sessions from Health Data Research UK (HDR UK), Medical Research Council (MRC) Regulatory Support Centre, and the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP).

It covered topics including:

  • an introduction to new data sets available for researchers from NHS Digital
  • how researchers can use Health Data Research UK (HDR UK)'s Innovation Gateway
  • clinical audit data held by the HQIP
  • key governance and ethical topics for researchers by the MRC Regulatory Support Centre
  • research case studies from organisations including the British Heart Foundation's Data Science Centre, UK Biobank and HQIP

Feedback from the event has been overwhelmingly positive with over 90% of those providing feedback rating the event good/excellent with relevant content, useful presentations and raised awareness of where to go to find out more about data.

More events are being planned for 2021. To express an interest in attending please write to [email protected].

Sessions at the event were recorded - you can view each of them below.

An introduction

Martin Williams of NIHR Research Design Service introduces a day of talks on Using Health and Social Care Datasets in Research. Opportunities, assets and examples.


HDR UK discussing the Innovation Gateway

Paola Quattroni, Alliance Delivery Manager, HDR UK and Peggy Barthes-Streit, Technology Partnership Director, HDR UK, describe a powerful new resource for researchers and innovators, showcasing data available across the UK and showing how it can be accessed. 


HDR UK introducing Trusted Research Environments (TREs)

Dr Sucheel Varma, Director of Engineering at HDR UK, explains what they are, how they work, the evolving approach across the UK, and considerations for linking data.

Useful links to trusted research environments


Yvonne Silove, Associate Director at HQIP, discusses the clinical audit data they hold.

NHS Digital

Garry Coleman, Associate Director of Data Access at NHS Digital, provides an introduction to new data sets available for researchers from NHS Digital. 

MRC Regulatory Support Centre

Dr Alex Bailey of the Medical Research Council Regulatory Support Centre, provides insight into key governance and ethical topics for researchers, including legal avenues, transparency, and public and research approval.

Researcher case studies

Dr Rishi Calayachetty, UK Biobank

Dr Angela Wood, British Heart Foundation Data science Centre (CVD-COVID-UK Consortium)

Chris Boulton, HQIP - National Joint Registry

UK Biobank, The British Heart Foundation's (BHF) Data science Centre, and HQIP highlight how data has been used for efficient and effective research.

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