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Streamlining ethics and approvals (in the context of DARS applications) - subgroup

This is a sub-group of the Research Advisory Group.

This sub-group aims to streamline and improve the efficiency of the data applications and approvals system for researchers by removing duplication and bureaucracy. It is then responsible for communicating these improvements effectively to the research community. The main streams of activity include:

  1. Improving the transparency of the processes required to gain research approvals and access to health data - developing an online tool (Research Clarity Portal) to help researchers and research governance teams successfully navigate these processes.
  2. Reducing duplication between approval bodies and harmonising the language and terminology used - simplifying the data application process so that, for example, approvals from one organisation could potentially be accepted by another organisation without the need for additional review.
  3. Developing a mutually consistent understanding of the laws, policy and guidance around the use of health data in research - helping to ensure that organisations and researchers speak the same language. For example, clarifying the role of consent in health data research and understanding how to consent in a changing digital world.
  4. Working with the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to improve the efficiency and timescales of the process for accessing death data and reducing the burden on researchers, additionally identifying other areas where this can be replicated.

Team members

This stream of activity is led by Dr Louise Wood and Professor Fiona Watt and co-ordinated by Estelle Spence. Sub-group team members vary according to the stream of activity and include RAG members and non-RAG members alike who wish to support the aims of the sub group, such as HRA Confidentiality Advisory Group, the Independent Group Advising on the Release of Data (IGARD) and the Office of the National Data Guardian.

Last edited: 15 April 2020 1:52 pm