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Research Advisory Group membership

The Research Advisory Group hosted by NHS Digital, brings the research community together to make better use of our data and services.  

The RAG is made up of the following members:





Co-chair of the Research Advisory Group  Dr Louise Wood Director Science, Research and Evidence Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) 
Co-chair of the Research Advisory Group  Professor Fiona Watt Executive Chair of the Medical Research Council (MRC) 

Academic and life science members 

Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry  (ABPI)   Dr Bryan Deane New medicines and data policy director 
Life sciences industry representative seeking a nominee  being confirmed  
Academic representative Professor Martin Landray Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology within the Nuffield Department of Population Health and Deputy Director of the Big Data Institute at the University of Oxford.
Academic representative Professor Sir Alex  Makham 


Professor of Medicine and Director of the MRC Medical Bioinformatics Centre in Leeds
Academic representative Professor Harry Hemingway Professor of Clinical Epidemiology at the University College London and Director of the Farr Institute in London
Academic health science network representative Professor Gary Ford Chief Executive Officer of the Oxford Academic Health Science Network

Public and patient representatives 

Public and patient representative Jillian Hastings-Ward Chair of 100,000 Genomes Participant Panel
Public and patient representative Simon Burall PPIE Professional, Involve Foundation

Funder representatives

Charity sector  Tariq Khokhar

Head of Data for Science and Health Priority Area

The Wellcome Trust
Charity sector  Aisling Burnand Chief Executive Officer of the Association of Medical Research Charities
The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Professor Melinda Mills Nuffield Professor, University of Oxford and Director of Leverhulme centre for demographic science 
The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Dr Emma Gordon  Director for Administrative Data Research Partnership Strategic Hub
The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Professor Jamie Pearce Health Geographer, University of Edinburgh

System level representatives  

Health Data Research UK Professor Andrew Morris Professor of Medicine, Director Health Data Research UK and Vice-Principal Data Science at the University of Edinburgh
Health Data Research UK David Seymour  Partnership Director, HDRUK
Health Research Authority (HRA) Dr Janet Messer Director of Approvals Service at the Health Research Authority
Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD) Dr Janet Valentine Director 
National Institute for Health Research  Professor Danny McAuley  Programme Director, NIHREfficacy and Mechanism Evaluation
Public Health England Professor John Newton Director of Health Improvement
Office of the National Data Guardian for Health and Social Care Professor James WIlson Representing the National Data Guardian



0ffice for life sciences

Colin Wilson Office for life sciences industrial strategy projects and genomics
  Andrew Roddam  CEO, Our Future Health 
  Chris Wigley CEO Genomics England  
  Professor Sir Rory Collins  Principal Investigator and CEO of UK Biobank
Industry Michael MacDonnell ABHI Industry member, Chief Operating Officer of Sensyne Health
  Professor Sir Rory Collins Principal Investigator and CEO of UK Biobank
  Andrew Roddam CEO, Our Future Health
  Chris Wigley CEO, Genomics England
NHS Digital      
NHS Digital   Dr Jem Rashbass Executive Director of Master Registries and Data
NHS Digital   Professor Sudhesh Kumar Non-Executive Director (NHS Digital)
NHS Digital   Professor Soraya Dhillon Non-Executive Director (NHS Digital)
NHS Digital   Jackie Gray   Executive director of information governance 
NHS Digital  Professor Jonathan Benger  Chief Medical Officer 
NHS Digital  Dr Fran Woodard Director Data Strategy and policy 
NHS Digital  Garry Coleman Director of Data Dissemination 
NHS Digital Kirsty Irvine Chair, IGARD
NHS Digital Susannah Strong Senior communications manager 
RAG sponsorship team     
Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) Justin Riordan-Jones

Head of systems and information (Research)

The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)  Josie McGregor Senior portfolio manager 
Medical Research Council (MRC) Dr Alex Bailey  Programme manager 
NHS Digital  Estelle Spence Head of sector, research and life sciences
Medical Research Council Regulatory Support Centre (MRC RSC) Rosalind Roberts Programme manager
Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Dr Catherine Bromley Deputy director for data infrastructure



The Research Advisory Group meet quarterly. 

Minutes from the board meeting on  25 October 2019. 

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