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Data Access Request Service (DARS) performance reporting

This page shows the latest available information on the performance of the data access request service (DARS). It is updated quarterly in line with Research Advisory Group meetings.

Research applications currently in the system

At the time of reporting, out of 183 applications being progressed through DARS, 112 requests were made for research purposes (representing 61% of all applications).

Elapsed time comparison

Elapsed time comparison

The median length of time (the dotted bar) is currently at its lowest ever point. The typical elapsed time is around 50 days and NHS Digital continues to seek improvements to this. The upturn in the mean (the solid bar) reflects the increasing complexity of research applications, for example in respect to linkage, which is leading to a number of data outliers; NHS Digital continues to work closely with researchers to make improvements in this area.

All applications into DARS (including research)

Applications into DARS - monthly totals

NHS Digital is receiving double the number of applications in 2017 year compared with 2016. 

Elapsed time from application receipt to Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) signature for all applications

Elapsed time for closed applications

NHS Digital has been processing applications more efficiently in 2017 compared to 2016 (note: in August 2016 there was a system migration). This can be seen by the fact that the total elapsed time to complete an application is similar or better to the previous year despite a near doubling in the volume of applications being processed and the increasing complexity of applications being received.

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