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Remote Clinical Desktop transparency notice

Our Remote Clinical Desktop (RCD) transparency notice explains why the service collects data, what we do with it, how long we keep it for and where it's stored.


We capture your data to ensure the secure and efficient use of the RCD solution.

Categories of personal data

We only capture and store non-application (such as non-clinical) data. This includes username, IP address and user customised data, like a Word document that you choose to save. Access to this data is restricted to you as the user and the technical administrators.

How we obtain your personal data

When you login and use the application user name and IP addresses are captured and stored in platform logs within Azure and Splunk. User customised data (such as Word documents) saved by you is stored by NHS Digital in Azure storage services

Who we share your data with

Log data from the RCD solution is shipped to the National Monitoring Service (Splunk) where NHS Digital users have the ability to query the logs and combine with other data held by the National Monitoring Service (part of NHS Digital).

How long we keep it for

This data will be held for the lifecycle of the solution which is defined as being the longer of 12 months or the duration of the COVID-19 emergency.

Where we store the data

The data will be held in the NHS Digital’s Azure Cloud data centre in the UK.

Further information

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