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Smartcard printers

Find out about ordering printer materials and additional printers, along with how to report printer problems.

NHS Registration Authority (RA) hosting organisations in England now have at least one Magicard smartcard printer. These printers can be used in conjunction with the Datacard SP35 printers to issue smartcards through the Care Identity Service.

Organisations can also purchase additional Magicard printers direct from the supplier, Specialist Computer Centres (SCC).

Magicard printers

Order materials

To order printer ribbons, dye film or cleaning products, contact SCC at Local organisations need to pay for these .

Price list valid from 1 February 2021.

Prices exclude VAT.

The printer ribbons are compatible with both NHS Digital (green) printers and the NHS (blue) printers. Blue printers are purchased directly by organisations through SCC.

SCC price list - NHS Digital identity card printers and accessories

Description Details Product code DID code NHS selling price

Full colour ribbon, 300 images RFID protected

YMCKO colour ribbon for the Enduro+



Black Monochrome Ribbon - 1000 images

KO mono ribbon for the Enduro+



Enduro+ Cleaning Kit

Enduro+ Cleaning Kit (10 cards, 1 pen)

MXCCEN M-MG-3633-0053


Enduro+ Cleaning Kit

Enduro+ Cleaning Rollers (5 rollers, 1 bar)



Enduro+ Output Hopper

Output Card Hopper

MXHOPRE M-MG-3633-0100-004


Enduro+ Input Hopper

100 card input Hopper

MXHOPTE M-MAG-3652-0122


Duplex Printing

Upgrade Enduro+ to double sided printing - blue printer only. Ask Essentra for pricing for green printer

MXEU M-MG-3633-00552DH


Enduro+ Carry Case

Carry Case for mobile and safe printer transportation



Magicard 300 Single-Sided Card Printer with Smart 5 year warranty plus 1 free ribbon             3300-0003-DH £1,110.00
  For 50 or more printers ordered at one time                           £1,050.00

Useful item codes

Colour ribbon (300 images) - item code: DH300YMCKO
Cleaning kit (10 cards 1 pen) - item code: MXCCEN
Cleaning kit (5 rollers, 1 bar) - item code: MXTREN

Report a problem

If the issue can't be resolved with troubleshooting guidance, and your local IT Helpdesk are unable to resolve the issue, please contact SCC's support desk on 0845 3563024 or by contacting

Purchase additional printers

Extra Magicard printers and consumables can be purchased through SCC by contacting Purchased printers have a blue casing to tell them apart from NHS Digital green printers.


Each printer comes with a 3 year standard warranty, with the option to buy extra years. NHS Digital printers (green) come with a 5 year warranty which has been extended by 1 year to expire in January 2021.

Datacard SP35 printers

The existing SP35 printers will continue to work with CIS, if maintained and cleaned regularly.


We stopped funding the maintenance agreement, which ended in September 2015. Organisations can pay for support though Datacard by contacting

Order materials

Purchase consumables directly from Datacard by contacting

Report a problem

If the issue can't be fixed with troubleshooting guidance and you have a support agreement with Datacard, please contact:

Datacard UK
Forum 3, Solent Business Park
Whiteley, Fareham
Hampshire, PO15 7FH
01489 555 600

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