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Smartcard and smartcard reader requests

Find out how to request smartcards and smartcard readers.

Exceptional demand for smartcards and readers due to coronavirus (COVID-19)

We are working to supply the NHS with additional smartcards and smartcard readers to support the response to coronavirus (COVID-19), including globally sourcing new stock.

You should repurpose and use existing equipment you already have, for example existing smartcard readers and keyboards with inbuilt readers, wherever possible.

We will continue to challenge every order and request justification so that we can manage demand and support fair distribution across the NHS.


These will now routinely come from an external supplier. Upon request, Registration Authority (RA) managers will be granted an account which, when validated, will allow access to an ordering Portal provided by Oberthur. The format of this is the same as what has recently been used when ordering through NHS Digital.

To request an account, RA managers should email their details and UUID to An activation email will be sent, with a username and password, which must be changed.

Once the account is established, smartcards can be ordered by completing the form with details supplied, as below.

Further accounts (users) on the Portal for the same ODS code can be established by the RA manager.

If you already have an established account on the Oberthur Portal, please go to the login page

Smartcard readers

Complete this form to order smartcard readers.

Business justification

NHS Digital are required to routinely justify the costs of supplying organisations with new smartcards and readers. Consequently whichever form you are completing, please provide the following:

  • your current stock
  • the type of smartcard reader in use in your organisation(s)
  • the business reason for the number of smartcards or readers requested

To help us process your order, please tell us more about the reason for your order in the free-text field at the foot of the order form. Please include:

  • business justification; such as:

        - deployments for new systems - the date of the deployment and the number of users
        - new starters - the expected start date, business role(s) and systems they will be accessing
        - business as usual - overall number of Smartcard users you are managing and your expected monthly requirement
  • the the intended organisation(s) which will receive the smartcards or readers, if you provide an RA service to other organisations

Approval of your request is subject to review by NHS Digital

Your request could be delayed if you don't provide sufficient detail to support the business justification.

Last edited: 10 June 2021 2:25 pm