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Identity Agent v2.3.2.0

NHS Digital will be making an update available to the current version of Identity Agent. This release resolves the issues described below.

Featured / Phil Gill

This release of NHS Digital Identity Agent Version is a bug fix release, which resolves the following issues.

Identity Agent Pin form default focus issue

When the smart card is inserted, the Identity agents pin form is displayed. If this form has input focus then the user can insert the passcode. If an application takes ownership of the input focused, the passcode is not accepted in that pin form window and can end up being typed elsewhere. This fix endeavours to ensure that the input focus remains on the pin form as expected and no competing application maintains focus.

Windows Hello for Business

Fix for Windows Hello for Business service detection issue with Identity Agent on Virtual RDS environments like VDI and Citrix which was causing the Identity Agent to fail.

Fixing Identity Agent MSI upgrade code string update (GUID value)

This means that installation of latest IA v (and future releases) can done directly without uninstalling the previous Identity Agent versions.

The release is scheduled for go live on 26 May 2021.

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