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CMS 2.5.0

This is notification that Card Management Service (CMS) 2.5.0 is now live

CMS 2.5.0 - Updated DLL Pack

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This release makes the following change

  • The previous CMS release 2.4.0 restricted users to attempting perform CMS operations over RDP and VDI on any type of Smartcard. CMS 2.5.0 should now enable users to perform all CMS operations over RDP and VDI

There is no user software required to be downloaded for this release. The operating files used by the CIS application will be dynamically updated on the next use.

Should the update not work correctly, or users have any issues with the new release, in the first instance, delete all sub-folders under C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\HSCIC\CMS and attempt the card management operation again. This will download all the updated software required.
By default, AppData is a hidden folder and users will need to make this visible by enabling “Show hidden folders” in Windows Explorer

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