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Robotic Process Automation

Overview of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Our strategic aim is to offer full integration with GP IT systems through the GP Connect API. Integration will enable patient registrations to be automatically entered into clinical systems at the click of a button, further reducing the administrative load for GP practices. 

This work is in a design phase, but in the meantime, we are working with suppliers to provide Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as an interim solution.

Benefits and cost

Within patient registration the use of RPA would mean:

  • data submitted by patients can be collected and entered into clinical systems by bots instead of those working within a practice
  • many more patient registrations could be processed, leading to opportunities to scale a GP practice

Within healthcare generally, the use of RPA can:

  • improve efficiency, generating savings as admin burden is reduced or very minimal 
  • free up staff resources to perform other important tasks 
  • reduce chances of human error when inputting data into the clinical system, improving data quality
  • increase employee engagement 

Our aim at the NHS is to facilitate the RPA solutions with a number of assured suppliers so that GP practices can benefit from a reduction in administrative tasks. This is an optional paid for extra for practices that wish to use it. 

It is up to the GP practice to work alongside an RPA supplier to get set up.  

How to get started with automation

If you are not enrolled onto the ‘Register with a GP surgery’ service and would like to know more, please get in touch with our team and we will be happy to run a demo and answer any questions. Further information can be found on our Resource Hub.

Alternatively, you can self-enrol onto our service

From May 2023, GP practices that have enrolled with our service will have the option to use an RPA solution. You will need to work on agreements with RPA suppliers to automate the registration process for your practice. 

Once this is enabled, patient registration requests can be shared with your RPA provider for processing and ingesting into your clinical system. 

Suppliers currently providing RPA solutions compatible with the Register with a GP surgery service

Below is a list of third-party providers compatible with our service. We suggest you consult with your chosen RPA supplier and current clinical system supplier to confirm if this solution will work for you.

Information for suppliers

Upcoming plans for the delivery of the Register with a GP surgery service

Due to complexities, the delivery timelines for the GP IT integration which will enable patient registrations to be automatically entered into clinical systems have been pushed back. With this gap in delivery, we are looking at interim solutions which offer automation as a paid-for optional extra for practices that wish to use it. 

We are facilitating RPA solutions to reduce admin burden on GP practices. We have carried out a thorough discovery phase, during which we have spoken with GP practices, RPA providers, RPA Centres of Excellence and investigated a few feasible options.  

Currently, when a patient submits a registration, an email with a PDF attachment of their registration information is sent to their GP practice. 

With consent from the practice, we are also able to share an additional JSON file containing the registration data with the practice or their RPA provider. The JSON data can be used by the RPA provider to support automated registrations. 

The primary file transfer method receiving the JSON files is through the NHS Message Exchange for Social Care and Health (MESH). As a supplier you will need to set up your MESH mailbox to receive these. 

Learn more about MESH

Email the ‘Register with a GP surgery’ service team for assistance with your MESH Mailbox application and to learn more: [email protected] 

The NHS will act as a facilitator by providing easily ingestible data that is compatible for all RPA suppliers. It is up to RPA suppliers to create agreements with practices to offer their solution.

Last edited: 19 December 2023 12:22 pm