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Personal Health Records contacts map and networking

Find map locations and contact details for organisations developing Personal Health Records (PHRs) in England. Use forums to network too.

How to use our map

Find locations and contact details for organisations developing PHRs in England.

Use the map to:

  • zoom in and out
  • select a pin to reveal contact details
  • filter results options
  • view details in a table

Tell us if we're missing any PHRs

Our map features organisations with PHRs that we know about.

Email to tell us about any:

  • PHRs not yet on our map
  • contact details that are missing

Use forums for networking

We know of two forum groups. Both will help you to:

  • discuss how others are developing PHRs
  • understand the direction of travel
  • learn from local experience

You'll need to sign up for each first:

Local Health and Care Records (LHCRs) communities

Join the 'Learning from Local LHCR Community' platform, to discuss common issues and find latest news and events.

Developer support group

The NHS Developer Network has guidance, tools and forums to help developers build software for health and social care.

Further information

internal Personal Health Records adoption toolkit

This toolkit supports health and care organisations in England to commission, develop or manage Personal Health Records (PHRs) and other citizen-facing tools.

Last edited: 14 August 2019 2:28 pm