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How Personal Health Records relate to other national initiatives

How PHRs relate to NHS login, the NHS Apps Library, Local Health Care Records (LHCRs) and INTEROPen, plus why it matters to you.

NHS login

Personal Health Records (PHRs) rely on proven identity. It’s vital to make it easy and efficient to validate new PHR users.

You can do this with NHS login.

NHS Apps Library

The NHS Apps Library offers trusted digital tools, for people to manage and improve their health. Some of these apps are PHRs. 

To add your PHR to the NHS Apps Library, you will need to answer some digital assessment questions (DAQs)

This is to check that your app meets NHS quality standards, for clinical effectiveness, safety, usability and accessibility. 

The library gives healthcare commissioners an efficient way to choose apps that can achieve the standards, or those that need more work.

NHS website API and widgets

Health information content and services shown on the NHS website are also available to be used and shown in other websites and apps that you develop. 

The NHS API Developer Portal has information on the APIs (application programming interfaces) and widgets available for use. 

Local Health and Care Records (LHCRs)

Local Health and Care Records (LHCRs) enable the safe and secure sharing of an individual’s health and care information, as they move between different parts of the NHS and social care.  

LHCRs have to provide a range of core services in their local area.  

This includes to provide citizens with access: 

  • to their Health and Care Record  

  • to contribute data into that record, potentially through a PHR 

Learn more about Local Health and Care Records 

Learn from LHCR communities

There is a 'Learning from Local LHCR Community' platform which: 

  • allows users involved in care records to view the latest, news, events and guidance on care records 
  • features profiles and case studies of the Local Health and Care Record Exemplars and Local Shared Care Records across England 
  • allows users to collaborate to solve common problems

Email to join the 'Learning from Local LHCR Community' platform.


Personal Health Records should be interoperable, to work with systems in other organisations. 

PHRs need to be built on open standards, to support joined-up care. This allows information to be shared across a range of health and care settings. 

INTEROPen is a collaboration of individuals, industry, standards organisations and health and care providers. 

They are working together to speed up the development of open standards for interoperability in the health and social care sector.  

An INTEROPen PHR sub-group is developing open standards for PHRs, to support the sharing of information between individuals and professionals. 

Next steps

You can:

You'll then be granted access to the INTEROPen discussion forum. 

Then you can: 

Further information

internal Personal Health Records adoption toolkit

This toolkit supports health and care organisations in England to commission, develop or manage Personal Health Records (PHRs) and other citizen-facing tools.

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