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Developing a Personal Health Record

Find technical architectures and components, our functionality checklist, review standards and browse information governance guidelines.

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Core technical components of Personal Health Records (PHRs)

PHRs offer citizens secure access to view and add to their health information, through user services, data services and device connectivity.


Information governance for Personal Health Records

Personal Health Records must abide by information governance guidelines. This includes clinical information and data sharing agreements.


Personal Health Records functionality checklist

This is a checklist of functionality that can be built into a PHR, to help patients and service users to manage their conditions and needs.


Standards for commissioning or developing Personal Health Records

These are existing standards across health and care services and not necessarily specific to PHRs. Some are mandatory, but all should help you.


Technical architectures for Personal Health Records

There are two types of Personal Health Records (PHRs): tethered and untethered. There are also 8 typical PHR architectures.