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Make a smartcard request for a Path to Live environment

Before you start

How to use this form

You can:

  • create a new user/users
  • amend an existing user
  • issue or reissue a smartcard

The Platforms Support Desk can only support applications for up to 4 new smartcards. If you require more than 4 new smartcards, please email: 


Roles and business codes for common profiles

List of commonly requested role and business ('R' and 'B') codes .

For a full list you can download the national Role Based Access Code (RBAC) table.  

Basic access (for example, access to MOLES)
Role Code
System support access role R8015

There are no accompanying 'B' codes. 

Registration authority (RA)

The following 'R' codes can be used with any of the 'B' codes below. 

Role Code
RA Manager R5080
RA Agent R5090
Advanced RA Agent R5090
Activities Codes
Approve RA requests (registration only) B0267
Approve RA requests B1300
Approve RA requests (sponsorship rights) B0002
Approve RA requests (advanced) B0272
Perform RA activities  B0274
NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS)

e-RS admin code

Role code: R5170

There is no accompanying 'B' code

e-RS referring clinician (GP) codes

Role code: R0260 (general medical practitioner)

This can be used with any of the following business codes:

B1101 - manage outbound referrals

B1102 - proxy manage outbound referrals

B1103 - manage outbound appointments

e-RS provider (consultant) codes

Role code: R0050 

This can be used with any of the following business codes:

B1107 - maintain service configurations and workgroups (service definer)

B1110 - manage inbound referrals

B1115 - proxy manage inbound referrals

B1120 - manage inbound appointments

Demographic spine application (DSA)

Demographic administrator

Role code: R5110

This can be used with any of the following business codes:

B0089 - access DSA

B0096 - amend patient demographics (national back office)

B0098 - perform extended person trace

B0825 - amend patient demographics

B1610 - allocate NHS number

B1680 - manage patient duplicate records

B8009 - register patient with primary care providers on pateint demographic service (PDS)

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