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Opentest environment

Find out how to connect to the opentest environment, services available, maintenance slots and scheduled changes.

How the Opentest environment should be used

The Opentest environment should be used by suppliers who are performing messaging proof of concepts of their solutions against the Spine Core national system.

The Opentest environment is accessed via a private VPN and does not need HSCN access. It is, therefore, ideal for smaller organisations who may lack HSCN access. However, it is not a fully functional Spine Path to Live environment as it only has Spine Core functionality. 

What the Opentest environment should not be used for 

The Opentest environment does not:

  • replace the integration environments as the formal integration test environment
  • provide right of access to any other environments during environment downtime or any other form of unavailability
  • form part of the formal Path to Live - supplier testing in this type of environment is not mandatory for receiving any type of NHS Digital approval for rollout

How to connect to the environment

Before you start

You will need to: 

  1. request access to test data, email: [email protected]
  2. request an Opentest connection pack from [email protected] - this pack will contain a VPN token and credentials, predefined messaging endpoint, necessary certificates and 2 MESH mailboxes

Opentest is a closed environment accessible only via the VPN token supplied, with predefined endpoints and products. There are no CIS or e-RS instances in this environment. There is, therefore, no requirement for registration, MPV, DNS registrations or IA Client installation to be completed.

Connection information

Opentest access is via the VPN token only. Full details are supplied when an account is requested.

Root And SubCA Certificates

These certificates are provided when an Opentest account is requested.

Message Exchange for Social Care and Health (MESH) keystore files to download

The following MESH keystore needs to be downloaded and installed as part of the MESH client installation. 

Environment Primary URL Keystore Path Keystore
Opentest C:\MESH-APP-HOME\Keystore\meshopt.keystore meshclient

Full details can be found in the MESH client installation pack. The environment specific information required is listed below. The password should have been provided when the MESH mailbox was first requested.

If you have any questions, email: [email protected]

Services available in the OpenTest environment

Spine Core Messaging and Spine Core applications 

The Spine Core service provides a messaging service that allows certified endpoint message handling systems to query and update data held in the national demographic and prescriptions systems. There are no Spine core applications, for example, the Summary Care Record application (SCRa) or the Demographic Spine Application (DSA) available in the Opentest environment.

Spine Mini Service Provider

The Spine Mini Service Provider provides customers with an interface to submit a limited number of demographic messages in a simple format.

Spine Secure Proxy

The Spine Secure Proxy provides an access control layer required by certain programs where patient data may be made accessible to certified users and systems.

Message Exchange for Social Care and Health (MESH)

The Message Exchange for Social Care and Health (MESH) provides a workflow based data transfer service that allows registered users to exchange data between secure mailboxes.

It is used to support services such as the transfer of pathology data between labs and hospitals and electronic discharge notes to community medical teams for patients leaving hospital care.

Maintenance slots and scheduled changes

The Opentest environment is updated to the latest live baseline on a monthly basis. 

Last edited: 5 May 2021 2:52 pm