XML Organisation Data Products


This page contains background information and a range of supporting materials for the XML Organisation Reference Data Products.

Please read our products guide before accessing any of the other files.

The move to XML is one part of a wider programme of changes to Organisation Reference Data. Full details are available within an  Information Standard.

XML products

Version information

Release item Full live file Archive file
Schema version 2-0-0 2-0-0
Publication date 22 October 2018

22 October 2018

Publication sequence number 229 228
File name HSCOrgRefData_Full_20181022 HSCOrgRefData_Archive_20181022

XML files are only available to download from TRUD under the 'Organisation Data Services and Spine Directory Service' download group.

TRUD Pack In zip Contains file(s)
HSCOrgRefDataXML_Data fullfile.zip HSCOrgRefData_Full_yyyymmdd.xml
archive.zip HSCOrgRefData_Archive_yyyymmdd.xml


XML support products

In zip File(s) Version date
  HSCOrgRefData_Technical Specification 27 Sep 2017
refmodel HSCOrgRefData_ObjectModel
*Please read the README.txt file within the zip before opening the model*
27 July 2018
ancilliary HSCOrgRefData_XMLProductScopeTimetable.pdf 28 Sep 2018
HSCOrgRefData.xsd 19 May 2017
HSCOrgRefData_DataItemCatalogue.pdf 27 July 2018
HSCOrgRefData_ChangeLog_DICandObjModel.pdf 27 July 2018

XML support tools

In zip File(s) Version date
validate Schemavalidator (folder) 15 Feb 2017
HCSOrgRefData_ValidatorSupportDocumentation.pdf 15 Feb 2017
transform HSCOrgRefData_xslt (zip)
Contains the following transforms:
  • XML to CSV
  • Primary Role Constrain

Java and .NET platforms are now supported for both of the above transforms

28 Sep 2018
HSCOrgRefData_XMLtoCSVSupportDocumentation.pdf 28 Sep 2018
HSCOrgRefData_PrimaryRoleConstrainSupportDocumentation.pdf 28 Sep 2018

The XML support products and tools are also available to download via TRUD, within pack HSCOrgRefDataXML_Support.