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ICB reconfiguration guidance

This guidance has been created by NHS Digital to support the implementation of the Integrated Care Boards (ICBS), and assist in the planning of any associated activity required for the ICB transition period July 2022.

Current Chapter

ICB reconfiguration guidance

Alongside the ODS reconfiguration toolkits, it focuses on impacts within downstream systems concerning the use of ODS codes. It includes a recommended approach for impact assessment, an overview of known activities and NHS Digital contacts. It is not an exhaustive list of impacts and does not cover local systems which do not interact with national services.

ODS highly recommend organisations complete their impact assessment at their earliest opportunity. CCGs must assess activity linked to their CCG ODS codes and names to identify any impacts of their upcoming organisation name change and approved boundary changes.

This guidance does not contain an exhaustive list of impacts, actions or contacts. Sub ICB locations and former CCGs will need to consider fully their own uses for ODS codes. 

This checklist has also been amended to reflect the new target implementation date.  

Renaming and boundary changes

Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) will be established as statutory bodies from July 2022 and will succeed Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs). These are expected to come into effect on 1 July 2022 when ICBs are legally established (subject to the passage of legislation). 

The 42 ODS codes that currently identify STPs will be retained, and their names changed to reflect their new legal status as ICBs. ODS will allocate a new non primary role to indicate their new legal status as Integrated Care Boards.

All CCGs are due to be statutorily abolished on the 1 July 2022 and from this point all statutory obligations will be managed by the ICB entities (via a Transfer Order). However, the system will not have completed planning and design activities in time for CCG ODS codes to be withdrawn at this point.

Phase 2 changes

Next year will see the need for more significant changes, including code closures and relationship/hierarchy changes within ODS which will have considerable impact on all systems, products and services that consume ODS data.

We're still working out the full extent of these changes, how they will impact organisations locally and what NHS Digital systems will need to do to reflect them. Much of this will be dependent on how individual organisations intend to operate, and a discovery exercise will be undertaken with impacted organisations to better understand this.

The date for these changes is currently under review.

ODS will also reflect parliamentary approved ICB renaming and boundary changes with effect from 1 July 2022.

Learn more about the boundary change summary 

he ODS Change Summary documents were updated in February 2022 to reflect the following changes:

Both documents

  • All dates changed to reflect new target ICS implementation date of 1 July 2022

Boundary change document

  • References to Lincs changed to Melton, references to Cape Hill practice in West Birmingham changed to Sandwell (Summary of Change & Out of Area Practices tab)
  • LOC22CD code in column Q for Bassetlaw has been corrected to E38000008 (was E38000243) (LSOA changes tab)
  • New tab added to provide details of the GP practices impacted by boundary changes (Boundary Changes - GP Practice tab)

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