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Organisation Data Service forms

AD1 abeyance and dispersal

Apply for a new code (only abeyance and dispersal) or an amendment of an existing code.

Caldicott Guardian registration

Register a new or additional Caldicott Guardian or amendment of an existing guardian.

IAO registration

Apply for a new or additional Information Asset Owner (IAO).  This form must be submitted from the registered SIRO's email address by the SIRO.

OC1 registration

Register a new organisation contact (OC1), or amend details of an existing contact. This form must be submitted by the current OC1.

Organisation code request

This form is used to request an Organisation Code. The form must be completed by the organisation requiring the code, not a third party.

If you are an optician and you require a new site code or a change to existing details, please contact the NHS England Regional Lead. If you don’t know who this is, please contact the Exeter Helpdesk by emailing

Optical code request

This form is to request or amend an Optical site code. The form must be completed by the NHS England Regional Lead.

PCN ODS Change Instruction Notice

Use this form to request a code for a new PCN, make changes to existing PCN or close existing PCN codes.

Safe Haven

Apply or amend Safe Haven details

SDS consultant template request

Request that a consultant code is loaded onto the SDS.

SIRO registration

Register a new Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO) or amendment of an existing guardian. Only one SIRO can be registered per organisation.

Site request

Apply for site codes for the following organisations types (you must already have an organisation code): NHS trust, care trust, CCG, ISHP and ePact codes (trust only), GUMCAD online. Amend or close any code type (issued by ODS).

Last edited: 30 September 2020 4:10 pm